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March 2012

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The month of:-

Day 2 Go
Blood and magnetic mounts
Chefs and Bomb Shelters
Tanks and Towels
Two tolls
25 and a magnet
Not sharing
Old school
Some rugby thing
Earlies in – Maris Bard
Mr Quality leaves
Onions & Basil
No water, no petrol
Red and heated
Hair and Mifi
Book and refund

Coming in April 2012


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Music this Month – March 2012

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What I’m listening to:-

Starlight – Muse
America – The Nice (again)
Your time is going to come – Led Zeppelin
Hoedown – ELP
Driver’s Seat – Sniff ‘n’ The Tears

The Day Before BST

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Summer in March

Ales in Barry

Way Because

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and a 4Sq rant

25 And A Magnet

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Three Spoons, One Brains

And The Rummer


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But still nippy

Back to Bovington

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This time the New Hall is complete

Mind you last time was 2009

Tank Museum-New Hall-Upto The Present Day

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Heavier, lower


IMG_5206   IMG_5236
Centurion   M48 Patton
IMG_5243   IMG_5241
FDR Leopard I   Soviet T72
IMG_5246   IMG_5247
British Chieftain   British Scorpion
IMG_5251   IMG_5255
Iraqi T62   British Challenger

But with a bigger bang

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Tank Museum-New Hall-WWII

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Odd colours on the Panther


IMG_5214   IMG_5215
A French Char B   A British A13 Cruiser
IMG_5216   IMG_5217
A German Panzer II   Oddly coloured Panzer V – Panther
IMG_5218   IMG_5221
Soviet T34 85   German Tiger I
IMG_5223   IMG_5224
German Panzer III   US M3 Grant
IMG_5227   IMG_5228
British Cromwell   British – Sherman Firefly


But there had the main gun round for each tank

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Tank Museum–New Hall-WW1

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Was here in 2009 and it wasn’t quite finished


IMG_5208   IMG_5209
Little Willie   A Mark II female
IMG_5210   IMG_5212
A French light tank   A British light tank


It is now and it is excellent

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