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20220606 mb08 Day 01 Wrap

07/06/2022 Leave a comment

Two Beanos and it’s wall to wall rain. Having to wait to get into Gloucester Quays as the Tall Ships are leaving. Another free large Cappuccino on the app. Buying Salad Leaves seeds. The Platty Joobs bunting is coming down. My alcohol stats dates are mixed up. A vote of no confidence tonight. The Apple Online Store goes down just after 12:00, which means there will be Hardware. My Keyboard arrives, it works. Brewhouse & Kitchen.  My MacBook Pro falls off the Premier Inn WiFi and won’t reconnect. I watched WWDC on a Dell XPS13 with Windows 10. And the morning after the WiFi is working again.

And The Bridge Was Up

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Leaving the Hereford Travelodge at 05:25 on a grey and showery Monday morning.  Wake took me along the M50 instead of the all cross country route suggested by Google Maps. I like Waze. Coming into the Quays, the bridge was up and the red lights were flashing. The Tall Ships were leaving Gloucester and looked very impressive. Another free large Cappuccino on the Costa app and Salad Leaves seeds amongst other things from Sainsbury’s. Turning The Lord High Constable of England into a recording studio, also taking advantage of the FTTC WiFi. An announcement of a vote of no confidence was made for today.  Platty Joobs over and Politics are back. Bunting coming down too.  Tank, Amazon Lockers at the Premier Inn and Brewhouse & Kitchen.  

20220606 Prelude mb08 Gloucester June 22

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Up at 03:00 which seems to be a thing with my Beanos. Left Hereford at 05:25 and it rained all the way to Gloucester. Waze took me via the M50 where as Google Maps would have been all cross country. Got to The Quays and the Bridge was up. All the Tall Ships were on their way out of Gloucester. They looked very good despite the rain. Validated the car at the Premier Inn, although I suspect not a lot of their guests arrived at 06:30. Another free Cappuccino at Costa, courtesy of the app. Food from the local Sainsbury for tonight. The day way be The Lord High Constable of England, Tank and The BrewHouse and Kitchen. The Premier Inn for WWDC 2022 and maybe my keyboard will have arrived by then

In The End I Was Right

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Mixed up dates



It was all down to a Wedding

Tank Museum-New Hall-Upto The Present Day

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Heavier, lower


IMG_5206   IMG_5236
Centurion   M48 Patton
IMG_5243   IMG_5241
FDR Leopard I   Soviet T72
IMG_5246   IMG_5247
British Chieftain   British Scorpion
IMG_5251   IMG_5255
Iraqi T62   British Challenger

But with a bigger bang

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Tank Museum-New Hall-WWII

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Odd colours on the Panther


IMG_5214   IMG_5215
A French Char B   A British A13 Cruiser
IMG_5216   IMG_5217
A German Panzer II   Oddly coloured Panzer V – Panther
IMG_5218   IMG_5221
Soviet T34 85   German Tiger I
IMG_5223   IMG_5224
German Panzer III   US M3 Grant
IMG_5227   IMG_5228
British Cromwell   British – Sherman Firefly


But there had the main gun round for each tank

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Tank Museum–New Hall-WW1

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Was here in 2009 and it wasn’t quite finished


IMG_5208   IMG_5209
Little Willie   A Mark II female
IMG_5210   IMG_5212
A French light tank   A British light tank


It is now and it is excellent

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Tank Museum Bovington–Outside

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Not as sunny


IMG_5196   IMG_5200
The observation tower and war memorial   Where you can see the tanks in action
IMG_5195   IMG_5202
And why it’s called the Kuwait Arena   Gate guard


But just as good

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