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Music This Month – June 2014

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Oh Yeah! – Chickenfoot
Dry County – Bon Jovi
Tea Party – Sensational Alex Harvey Band
One – Metallica
Holy Diver – Dio
Driver’s Seat – Sniff ‘n’ The Tears

June 2014

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The month of:-

Summer sun
So close and yet so far away
Tiny Rebel – First Again
Tech out, card in
Evernote DDOS
TweetDeck XSS
Worldcup 2014
Summer again
#mb04 Jet Age 02
A mug
Garden Strawberries
Maybe a year or later
Prepping for the Chocolate Factory
Moto ordered
Hello Moto
Too fast to work
Sweat and rain
Cleaned into enterprise


Coming in July 2014


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Garden – July 2014

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June was mixed

July will be eating

It Was Too Fast

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Strange Days

Strange weather

Pre Drought Stout

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The heat

And the black stuff

WCDT: Saturday Updates

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For Saturday 14 June 2014

Pos Team Manager Points
1 Fried Egg Studios Chris Williams 37
2 Sharky’s Mark Jones 35
3 Marching onto Rio Ian page 34
4 Evs11 Richard Evans 22
5 Saunders Valve Dale Parker 21
5 iTeam Gareth Harley-Yeo 21
5 The Same As The Beer Roger Nash 21
5 Dunno FC Kiran Cannon 21
9 Team Valleys Jennifer Price 20
10 Gabalfa Rangers FC Russell Calderwood 18
11 maximus rules Carl Price 15
12 The Golden Swan Mark Begley 1
13 Madchester United Matt Lloyd 0
14 Little Troopers Leslie Withers -1
15 The Glory Boys 2 Mark Lonney -4
16 Wales would beat these Steve Lane -5
17 Whitt’s Wanderers Scott Whittingham -6
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Jet Age Museum 02 The Video

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A lovely Summer’s day

Not like February

Jet Age Museum Take 02

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June 2014

IMG_3396   IMG_3398
If in doubt, arrive early.   On the outside of the museum.
IMG_3399   IMG_3403
The entrance.   The front.
IMG_3419   IMG_3462
AVRO VULCAN B2 XM569   Gloster Javelin FAW9 XH903
IMG_3423   IMG_3468
IMG_3425   IMG_3477
IMG_3433   IMG_3486
IMG_3444   IMG_3473
IMG_3451   IMG_3493
IMG_3449   IMG_3476
IMG_3451   IMG_3465

Sunny with a mug

Back To Cards

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Well the tech don’t work

But the cards do

My Drinking List GWBCF 2014

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My Great Welsh Beer and Cider Festival drinking list.

I had a plan but it soon went to pot but with the freebies, who cares?

First time in the Millennium Stadium and all the talk was about the increase in entrances fees.  However it was a sunny day and they had the roof open.



And as a CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) member, a free half pint.   IMG_8655
FUBAR – Tiny Rebel – 4.4% ABV.  A- Champion Beer of Wales 2014   IMG_8657
Pilsner – Zero Degrees – 4.8% ABV. B+ Clean but full of flavour (freebie)   IMG_8662
Wheat ale – Zero Degrees – 4.2% ABV. B++ like a certain Belgian Wheat beer but better (freebie)   IMG_8665
Sagres – 5.0% ABV.  B+ freebie lager from Portugal (freebie)   IMG_8664
La Tene – Celt Experience – 3.3% ABV. B++ hugely punches above its weight Hoppy Heaven. Brewed in Caerphilly.   IMG_8668
Afghan Pale Ale – Greytrees – 6.0% ABV. B++ Complex Craft ale and wait for the long finish. Brewed up Aberdare way.   IMG_8673
Sakura – Otley – 4.8% ABV.  B++ Wheat beer with a subtle cherry finish. Brewed up Ponty way.   IMG_8678
St Gwendoline’s – Rotters – 5.0%. B+ all up front and no finish   IMG_8704
Stars and Stripes – Brains Craft – 4.5% ABV. B++ Hazy, cold and very refreshing. Wonderful.   IMG_8706
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