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The Spillage

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As an Indian Summer ends

Just Chepstow

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27 September 2013

IMG_7925   IMG_7930
The Chepstow Flyer at Cardiff Central.   Chepstow International.
IMG_7931   IMG_7932
The history.   And the reality today. Now distribution.
IMG_7933   IMG_7934
The Bell Hanger – rear entrance.   The Bell Hanger – front entrance.
IMG_7935   IMG_7937
Not sure what sort of naval gun this is?   The Coach & Horses – a real Real Ale pub.
IMG_7938   IMG_7939
A reason to go back?   The bar of the Coach & Horses.
IMG_7942   IMG_7945
Not quite my train.   The Second Severn crossing in the distance.
IMG_7946   IMG_7947
Chepstow Station from the footbridge.   And the footbridge.


Map picture

Chepstow and Castle

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All of this

And a beer and bangers festival next week

Chepstow Castle

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Before the sun came out

IMG_1289   IMG_1293
The car park, no use if you are on the train.   The approach.
IMG_1301   IMG_1303
The closer approach.   The entrance.
IMG_1305   IMG_1306
The Gatehouse.   More, The Gatehouse.
IMG_1307   IMG_1312
IMG_1314   IMG_1315
IMG_1320   IMG_1321
IMG_1323   IMG_1324
IMG_1329   IMG_1336
IMG_1337   IMG_1342

Too tight to pay to go in


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Cancelled train

And a Gorilla

Bristol Beano–25 September 2013

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And it was sunny too.

IMG_7883   IMG_7888
Bedwas – when it’s early and dark.   Caerphilly Bus Station – looking surprising good.
IMG_7891   IMG_7895
Cardiff Central and in the distance Brains Brewery.   Cardiff Central, great for Engine spotting.
IMG_7898   IMG_7900
I’m now in England.   Which has history too.
IMG_7902   IMG_7903
Wetherspoon. Cheaper food and drinks.   The Knights Templar.
IMG_7905   IMG_7906
Isambard Kingdom Brunel.   To the Fire Fighter who have fallen in the line of duty.
IMG_7910   IMG_7911
Wetherspoon – The Commercial Rooms.   And inside The Commercial Rooms.
IMG_7908   IMG_7913
Brewdog Bristol.   And inside.

DT: Wednesday Night Updates

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For the night of Wednesday 25 September 2013

Pos Team Manager Points
1 Fibre Powered Roger Nash 323
1 Fergies11 Richard Evans 323
3 Water boys Daniel Roberts 295
4 Caitlins 11 Caitlin Lane-Jones 288
5 Not going to Asia Dai Malatynski 287
6 Mighty midgies Kyran Thomas 277
7 VICtory Victoria Page 272
7 Echo XI Steve Lane 272
9 Neil’s Redbirds! Neil Lintern 261
10 Marching on Together Ian page 259
11 Gawsh 11 Paul jones 258
12 Neath United Mike Simonson 257
13 SaS Boys Sarah Pritchard 256
14 The Glory Boys Mark Lonney 255
15 Margoals XI Sarah Dixon 250
16 JP United Jennifer Price 249
17 seren ainsley Murphy 247
18 max’s millions Carl Price 243
19 Pitbull is coming for Robin Gibbs 242
20 UpTheCoed Chris Vardon 237
21 No3 is short enough Lee Hutchings 235
22 Arise Sir Moyes Mark Jones 233
22 THE WINNERS frances Page 233
24 Blackwood Bluebirds Alec Withers 231
25 doigs lads jane doig 229
25 Lennox101207 Neil Page 229
25 brents boys brent parry 229
28 The Untouchables Mark Begley 226
29 The Price is right Gareth Price 225
30 Living liberty loca Joanne Jones 212
31 Sauders Valve Dale Parker 210
32 elite eleven Michael Roberts 207
33 little troopers Leslie Withers 206
34 Lokomotiv Caerphilly Jon Lintern 205
35 iTeam Gareth Harley-Yeo 201
36 Gabalfa Rangers Russell Calderwood 189
37 David and Dai Dave Barnes 186
38 Swansea City Gold7 gemma jones 166
39 Riyadh All Stars Colin Davies 145
40 Big Col’s Saudi XI Colin Davies 140
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