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Well done Wetsock

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It rained

But it was warm rain

The Emergency Chair

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As tested by me

IMG_4730   IMG_4731
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IMG_4732   IMG_4733
IMG_4734   IMG_4735
IMG_4736   IMG_4737
IMG_4738   IMG_4739

And still here

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Was Thunder

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And dark

Now good drinking weather

Still Nobody

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But it’s good

And warm

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Early on, Early off

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With Easyjet

And Fullers London Pride

A bit like Supertramp

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From which album


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BOL–The End Of The Daily

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It’s a Molly rant

IMG_4701   IMG_4704
Instructions   Rather still at home
IMG_4706   IMG_4707
The Bergan   BRS – The Long Stay (not mayor)
IMG_4710   IMG_4711
Bristol International   Subbing
IMG_4712   IMG_4713
Check in   My friends

Long live the weekly?

Sub Pod

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Pre warmth

Pre Flanders

A Rather Short Bier Video

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Wet and dry in Merthyr Tydfil

And fell asleep on the train on the way back (again).

Garden – September 2011

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The year of the weeds

And the coldest for 18 years

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