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Backs And Planning

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Gone but not gone

Seats and closed roads


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Not fixed


Looking Up At The Trees

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Forgets the P20

Nose goes red, as does the beer.

Pinky Brit

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All day sun

Missed a bit with the P20

Europe For Golf

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Cloud bursting

And a burger

Spag Bol and Tan

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Belgian for breakfast

Italian for tea

Rain Sun and TWiT

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I can fix it

No I can’t

Day 01 – The Connection Thingy

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If only I’d known

About the weather, the wifi and the iOS 6 bug

Reset Regularly

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Have I fixed it?


IMG_6117   IMG_6118
Trees.   More trees.
IMG_6119   IMG_6121
Fountain.   Red sky at night.
IMG_6122   IMG_6124
Night.   You can never have enough power.
IMG_6125   IMG_6126
Making my own power.   You can never have enough trees either.


The trees say no!

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As The Sun Goes Down

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Taken on Tuesday 02 October 2012


IMG_6101   IMG_6102
Tea by the pool.   Leo and Tweetdeck.
IMG_6103   IMG_6104
Underneath the Palms.   Mainly me and the fountain.
IMG_6106   IMG_6107
One of the excellent staff.   Molly Wood and her rather strange microphone placement.
IMG_6109   IMG_6110
Just like the view.   And darker


Podcasts by the pool

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