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Melon II Update

29/05/2006 Leave a comment
Still moist but I’m a little worried.
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29/05/2006 Leave a comment
They find a cure and there are lots of exlosions.  Shouldn’t it be X-People?
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MI 3

22/05/2006 Leave a comment
Funnily enough, despite Tom not like noise, there is a lot of noise.  Despite the ludicrous story, well worth a watch.
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Yeovilton RNAS Museum

19/05/2006 Leave a comment
GPS, the way forward again.
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Another Travelodge On A Roundabout

18/05/2006 Leave a comment
However The Little Chef has Wifi.
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I’m A Good Daddy

16/05/2006 Leave a comment
Look how moist Larry The Melon II is!!
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Why Not

12/05/2006 Leave a comment
The dash.
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08/05/2006 Leave a comment
Classic B movie.  Don’t let them in your mouth.
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April 2006

01/05/2006 Leave a comment

The month of:-


Leaky bus


Open Barrier

Faster but not

Not reading


More weather

Finally UMTS



Sunday Service

The train is a bus

Use Derek

Plum blossom

Dodgy onion?

Non linking web tools



Sunny Penarth

Scary Movie 4

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Scary Movie 4

01/05/2006 Leave a comment
Bit short, quite funny, commedy mash up.  Good way to end the week.  Saw it.
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