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The 09 London Beano

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Day 02

No blogging on day 01, Twittered instead.

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All done with tickets

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Fagins Beer Festival – 03 October 2009

With crisps


Lots of weather

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September 2009

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The month of:-

Spinrite saves the day (or night)

Willows renovation

Half a million Seti

Opened up

Garage doors

15 Club

Systems talk




Closed Tunnels

O2 3G only in Bristol Airport’s long stay

Merthyr Golfing Boys

No booking


Coming in October




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Sort of better bandwidth

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Happy ranting

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Fly away

01/10/2009 Leave a comment

or home

With the EasyJet brothers


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Counting down

01/10/2009 1 comment

With regret


But tan

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Dog Days

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And less than 24 hours


Suntan on today.


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Day 07 Wrap

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Nose red


Tomato sauce aplenty

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