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Newport in the Autumn

And I return to the Murenger

Well Signed

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Rain and no Costa

Velvet Owl and free WiFi

Pipes 10th

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And rather Fine Ales

August 2018

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The month of:-

2 hours later
Uncommon symptoms
Facebook APIs
Payment in the pocket
Other People Matter
Dream Team
Bad Twitter Day (again)
Car Service
Unexpected Selfie
Same as it ever was
First Blue Danube’s of the year
Friends, The Otley and Fruit
Free as in beer
In the Mag
Cutting back
New widgets
This is the End
Costa Cola

Coming in September 2018

The month of Breweries
Gloucester Beer Fest

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Try This

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Bank Holiday Monday

Free Beer

Chill to Warm

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The end of Summer?

Very nearly

The Kegs Have It

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But the Kegs and Cans win it

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