The mb06 Journal – Gloucester 2023

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Another Gloucester Quays Beano and another Fire 🔥 Alarm on arrival. Luckily not the Premier Inn on this occasion. It was rather fresh, so after checking in the car. It was straight into Costa Coffee for a Coffee and Bacon Roll. Fruit based drink in The Lord High Constable of England. Orange juice with slices of Orange, Lemon and Lime. The Premier Inn All You Can Eat Full English. Me, rabbiting on and Filled Rolls in The Pelican.

You can just about see the beans

20230528 mb06 Day 03 Wrap

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Drinking a Wiper and True 10th Birthday collab with Beak IPA yesterday and now the whole of social media thinks it’s my birthday. This started yesterday and is continuing today. More Full English posts to Reddit’s r/fryups and I may be getting a cold. Sudafed taken. I now know that Drafts does transcription. A Pint in both Spoons and a Birthday non Birthday Coconut Stout in The Pelican.

End of Beano Wrap

Coconut Non Birthday

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The start of the 3rd day and there is still a cold wind. Into The Beefeater for the Premier Inn All You Can Eat Breakfast. Videoed it because Reddit amongst other things. A Sunday morning Pint in both The Lord High and The Regal. Another Non Birthday, Birthday Ale in The Pelican. This time a Coconut Stout. Then one with Verdant and finally a non Wiper and True but from a Social Enterprise.

Non Birthday, Birthday Stout.

20230527 mb06 Day 02 Wrap

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Strange weather, despite the sun the northerly breeze is very cool. Into the Beefeater (to be sold)? For a Premier Inn All You Can Eat Breakfast, where the Mushrooms were huge. Arriving at The Lord High Constable of England to find there was a Strongest Man Competition in the Square outside. On to the Regal and my Full English was posted to r/fryups. The Pelican where there were Cheese and Onion Rolls and Morris Men dancing in the beer garden. Just for the record, it’s not my birthday. The Bacon looked minging said Reddit.

Better lighting

Filled Rolls and Morris Men

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A sunny start but again it’s chilly. Premier Inn Full English then back on the Bespoke Brewing at The Lord High Constable of England. Conwy Brewery in The Regal. Moving on to The Pelican in the strong Bank Holiday Sun. It was open when I arrived and there were Cheese and Onion Rolls on the Bar. Then a group of Morris Men arrived. I saw them later out in the beer garden Morris Dancing.

Cheese and Onion

For Saturday 27 May 2023

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The Saturday Wrap for 27 May 2023. Beanoing, VoiceMemos, Prices, Hay, Weird Dad, Wash Smock, 4.5 Tog, Online Health, BottlePay, Ely Riots, Forms and Feedback, Doc, Medicine, Demob Happy, mb06, Yikes and Sun.

Live from Gloucester

20230526 mb06 Day 01 Wrap

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Got those free Sats by listening to Podcasts on the Fountain. A light departure meant the sun in my eyes, visor down. Rather fresh on arrival and a non Premier Inn fire alarm going off. Costa Bacon Roll and Coffee are great but now hugely expensive. This makes the Premier Inn All You Can Eat Breakfast even better value. Watching a Spoons Barmaid refusing to serve a gentleman at 09:00 as he was already drunk, she did a very good job. Lemon, Lime and Orange slices numb my palate. Sheep are welcome in The Turks Head but no Morris Dancing. Sometimes the best aren’t best and The Pelican was packed out. Sunny Beano.

Back with the Logitech

With Sats and Sun in my Eyes

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You wake up early and you get free Sats by listening to Podcasts on the Fountain app. Leaving just before official dawn and it’s pull the sun visor down as the May Sun is low in the sky. A chilly arrival at Gloucesater, check the car in and Coffee and a Bacon Roll in the rather expensive Costa Coffee. Wandering along the Canal and it’s into The Lord High Constable of England. Which Bespoke Brewing Ale should I have. Then a touch of BrewDog. Mastodon encouraged me to go to The Regal and then it was no Morris Dancing in the Turks Head. The Pelican was even faster WiFi and all Cask Ale.

Planet Expensive

20230526 Prelude mb06 Gloucester May 23

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Free Sats by listening to Podcasts on the Fountain App pre departure. A gentle drive up without the need for optimisation but with the sun visor down. Sunny but fresh on arrival and Coffee and a Bacon Roll in the now very expensive Costa Coffee. This is quality Beanoing.

Actually Costa

Garden – May 2023

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May started off with it being two to three weeks behind the normal growing season. Two varieties of Tomatoes, one of Peppers and one of Cucumbers were all planted on the indoor window sills. Bags for life over them to create a warmer, damper micro climate. So far only three pots have germinated. The rest of the growing was planting Potatoes, earthing up Potatoes and water Potatoes. They, however, are a striking success. Casablancas and Dersiree. The lawn after it’s seaweed feed and two mows, is looking much better, however, the reseeding, not so good. Onions of varies types are all growing well, as are the Radishes. Drought now. 

Casablanca – First Earlies
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