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20230429 mb05 Day 01 Wrap

30/04/2023 Leave a comment

Clear in the dark then very foggy in the light. That was the journey from Bedwas to Portishead and Portishead really is nice, especially the Marina area. With a Sainsbury opposite the Premier Inn and a Spoons just across the bridge from Sainsbury, it’s all very compact. The Marina looked lovely with the now clearing fog on it. The Posset Cup (Spoons) was packed and the Siren’s Calling lets you eat chips from the chippy next door. Full speed FTTC WiFi and fridges with more than 100 bottles of Belgian Beers in them. Sunny in the afternoon.

Foggy Morning Beanoing

The Half and Half Beano

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When you have been there before but only to the Premier Inn. When it is only 39 miles from home, which is just as well as you only have half a tank. When you are rather happy because Spring has finally arrived. However, it was very foggy on the M4 and I mean a Peas Souper.

Portishead was calm and less foggy. I think I’m really going to like it. There is an iBis Budget and a Lidl in the same builder. The Spoons, The Posset Cup is not bad and has really fast FTTC WiFi. A Full English with a Pint was consumed.

The Siren’s Call. Great Cask, Keg and Bottled Ales. Also, you can bring food in from the chippy next door.

Needed more Butter

20230429 Prelude mb05 Portishead Apr 23

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The half and half Mini Beano. I’ve stayed in The Premier Inn a number of times before but never actually visit the place. However, it now has a Bristol CAMRA Pub of the year and a Spoons. So a’Beanoing I will go. And, to start, I think Spring has finally arrived. Spoons is The Posset Cup and The CAMRA Pub is The Siren’s Calling. Turned out that as soon as it got light, it got very, very foggy.

The Foggy Beano

For Saturday 29 April 2023

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The Saturday Wrap for 29 April 2023. Pre Bank Holiday, Bitcoin Magazine. Maincrop, Picard, Frosty Saturday, 18 out of 21, mb05 training, Shave4d, Lawn, Last Casablancas, The Alert, Blue Sky, Desiree,, Sudafed, Lenses, Nikwax.  #SaturdayWrap#April2023 #Bedwas

Hopcraft T-shirt

Garden – April 2023

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Was April March or was April February? Cold, damp with at least two frosts and daytime temperatures about 10c. So, the growth and the planting are way behind schedule and the growth has been slow. That’s both indoors and out. I have nine Casablanca tubers left to go in and all the Desiree. I have been earthing up my first planted Casablancas and have been lucky that the frost didn’t get them. The lawn had moss killer and feed put on it and has had its second mowing of the year. Strawberries, I’m just going to capture the runners for the plants that didn’t make it through the Winter. Spring Onions, Radish and Mint are all growing indoors but slowly. Here’s to a warmer May.

Earthing Up in April

Frosty Saturday Beano Training

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Another Saturday morning, another late April frost. Off to Caerphilly for an #mb05 training session.

The freshness of early morning

Caerphilly is lovely, especially with the Castle but Oh, the litter, it’s everywhere. Never mind, it’s on to The Malcolm Uphill with my CAMRA 50p voucher in my hand.

Extra Butter Cold

So next weekend it’s both days with Premier Inn, all you can eat breakfasts. So I’m also getting in training for that. Asked for extra butter than was cold and got it too. The cold butter is so much better.

Then on to Brew Monster Caerphilly. A brew house and much faster WiFi then The Malcolm Uphill. On the Mezz for the first time ever.

Pre rain. Obvs
Today’s selection

Quality brews, brewed on site and now some rather good guest brews including from The Vale of Glamorgan Brewery

VOG Pilsner

Solid training with fast Brew Monster WiFi and I ended up rather sleepy.

The Brewing Monster

For Saturday 22 April 2023

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The Saturday Wrap for 22 April 2023. Cold, Luma Fusion, Mob Scooter, New Beano, Picard, Frost, Beer Blogging, No ticket, tubers, early dawn, Drafts, Luma Fusion IAP and Typinator, Earthing up, Reddit, Mow Lawn, Right Click, Tesco, Blessings. #SaturdayWrap #April2023 #Bedwas

Open those eyes – For Saturday 22 April 2023

For Saturday 15 April 2023

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The Saturday Wrap for 15 April 2023. Eyes, Apple Updates, mb04, Chubbles, slowly improving, 5G Beano, Soggy Easter Monday, Storm Noa, Fest, Update Tuesday, Casablancas, earth up, bags, Farrago 2.  #SaturdayWrap  #April2023 #Bedwas

For Saturday 16 April 2023

20230409 mb04 Day 03 Wrap

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A fresh and clear start to mb04 Day 03, Easter Sunday. My right eye is slowly improving and it’s about time. Two new Cask Ales on at The Kings Fee and they look like Festival Ales. Beer Festing is the way forward. Well, it turns out all the Supermarkets are following Aldi’s example and shutting on Easter Sunday. Sitting back in The Hereford Beer House with Fine Belgian Ales and watching the world go by.

Before the dawn Wrap

The Never Ending Beer Festival

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A fresh start to Day 03 of mb04, Sunday. My right eye is getting better but it is a slow old job. Spoons for Breakfast and they have two fresh casks on and they look like Festival Ales. The Spoons Spring Beer Fest, the Fest that goes on forever. I’ll drink to that! All the Supermarkets are shut but there is no issue with the joy that is The Hereford Beer House.

Class from Newcastle
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