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For Saturday 06 May 2023

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The Saturday Wrap for 06 May 2023. Coronation everything, Rode Capture, Big Sam, Foggy mb05, Spring, Full English, EkoFuel, Cantillon, 117 secret places, Spudsin, Tmatoes, Peppers and Cucumbers, Pickled Onions, 6 x 1, Crimson Crush, Bing and Amazon, Otex. 

Pre Coronation Body Issues

The mb05 Journal – Portishead 2023

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When it was dark, it was calm and clear. When it was light, it was foggy. Especially past Newport on the M4. Portishead is really rather nice and it has an iBis and Lidl in the same building. The Marina is really rather nice with the fog.  

The Posset Cup and The Siren’s Calling. Both fine and just the places to muse about the world. Throw in a Premier Inn all your can eat Breakfast and you have a superb Beano. I need to go back and soon. 

Hard at it

20230430 mb05 Day 02 Wrap

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After getting up I looked out of the window and it was Red Sky Shepherds warning. Half and hour later it was raining. At 07:00 for breakfast it had eased off but it was still day. It was a Brewer’s Fayre and they had the old style conveyor belt toast maker and it was spot on first time. New craft cans in The Posset Cup and they are both winners.

Gentle rain on the way to The Siren’s Calling. More YouTube comments, this one why did my Prelude appear in his recommendations. Mild and ESB to start, both on Cask. And to end a Cantillon Gueuze.

And we are done but it’s dry today

Huh, Spring Only Lasted One Day

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You can’t beat quality comments. The rain is back, so I got slightly wet going to get my Premier Inn all you can eat breakfast. New craft cans in Spoons and it’s a corker. Listening to ATP. And another new craft can.

More gentle rain on the way to The Siren’s Calling. Mild and ESB to start both on Cask. Sometimes Old School is the way forward. Oh yes, Cantillon Gueuze as well.

Going out with a bang

20230429 mb05 Day 01 Wrap

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Clear in the dark then very foggy in the light. That was the journey from Bedwas to Portishead and Portishead really is nice, especially the Marina area. With a Sainsbury opposite the Premier Inn and a Spoons just across the bridge from Sainsbury, it’s all very compact. The Marina looked lovely with the now clearing fog on it. The Posset Cup (Spoons) was packed and the Siren’s Calling lets you eat chips from the chippy next door. Full speed FTTC WiFi and fridges with more than 100 bottles of Belgian Beers in them. Sunny in the afternoon.

Foggy Morning Beanoing

The Half and Half Beano

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When you have been there before but only to the Premier Inn. When it is only 39 miles from home, which is just as well as you only have half a tank. When you are rather happy because Spring has finally arrived. However, it was very foggy on the M4 and I mean a Peas Souper.

Portishead was calm and less foggy. I think I’m really going to like it. There is an iBis Budget and a Lidl in the same builder. The Spoons, The Posset Cup is not bad and has really fast FTTC WiFi. A Full English with a Pint was consumed.

The Siren’s Call. Great Cask, Keg and Bottled Ales. Also, you can bring food in from the chippy next door.

Needed more Butter

20230429 Prelude mb05 Portishead Apr 23

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The half and half Mini Beano. I’ve stayed in The Premier Inn a number of times before but never actually visit the place. However, it now has a Bristol CAMRA Pub of the year and a Spoons. So a’Beanoing I will go. And, to start, I think Spring has finally arrived. Spoons is The Posset Cup and The CAMRA Pub is The Siren’s Calling. Turned out that as soon as it got light, it got very, very foggy.

The Foggy Beano

For Saturday 22 April 2023

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The Saturday Wrap for 22 April 2023. Cold, Luma Fusion, Mob Scooter, New Beano, Picard, Frost, Beer Blogging, No ticket, tubers, early dawn, Drafts, Luma Fusion IAP and Typinator, Earthing up, Reddit, Mow Lawn, Right Click, Tesco, Blessings. #SaturdayWrap #April2023 #Bedwas

Open those eyes – For Saturday 22 April 2023

Rainy Helicopter Day Video

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Even with all the weather

It was a great day out

March Museums 2015 – Day 05 Sunny

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A touch of Spring in the air?

I think so

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