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Music This Month – September 2012

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What I’m listening to:-

White room – Cream
Can the can – Suzi Quattro
A little time – Beautiful South
Bitches Crystal – ELP
Hallowed be thy name – Iron Maiden
Black Tiger – Y&T
Beating around the bush – AC/DC
Can’t get used to losing you – Andy Williams
Keep on loving you – REO Speedwagon

September 2012

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The month of:-

1st service and tracking
Lift onions
More Strawberries
Mango Chutney
Smokey Oats
Transfers #01
No more PCPlus
GoDaddy goes down
iPhone 5 and stuff
Not many maincrop
iOS 6 and poor maps
Packing and Parking
Rainy Palma
By the pool
1K blog posts


Coming in October 2012

Still in Palma
Fagins beer festival
Otley beer festival

In and Out

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Used P20


IMG_6027   IMG_6026
Loving the pre dawn.   But the clouds look a touch angry.
IMG_6030   IMG_6032
And how right I was going to be.   Breakfast by the pool.
IMG_6033   IMG_6036
Rare picture of a person.   The hills behind the airport.
IMG_6037   IMG_6038
That orange Palm tree again   Another tree
IMG_6039   IMG_6043
Balcony, post rain.   Knees.
IMG_6041   IMG_6045
All gone rather grey.   Another cloud burst.
Rather too wet to be at my usual table.    


Should have used WD40

Of Two Halves

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Rain in the morning


IMG_5998   IMG_6001
Early morning deliveries.   Early morning command central.
IMG_6003   IMG_6006
Pre sun up angry clouds.   Sun up over the crane.
IMG_6008   IMG_6009
Quality of light.   A touch on orange on the Palm tree.
IMG_6011   IMG_6013
Toast, cereal and rain outside.   Cloud bursting #01.
IMG_6014   IMG_6016
Cloud bursting #02.   It is a port after all. Rain stopped.
IMG_6017   IMG_6018
Local paper shop   The main drag
IMG_6019   IMG_6021
And back again   Sun out
IMG_6022   IMG_6023
Feet out   Saving the suns’ good rays


A slight tan in the afternoon


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With rain


IMG_5982   IMG_5984
Angry looking skies this morning.   So had a late breakfast
IMG_5987   IMG_5988
Missing the PremierInn all you can eat fry up.   On the way to the paper shop.
IMG_5992   IMG_5993
Trees maketh the picture   Lunch, cheese and onion in Spain, who knew?
IMG_5994   IMG_5995
Decided to chance it by the pool.   One of those is my room.
IMG_5996   IMG_5997
A touch of setting sun.   And people.


Wind and impaired bandwidth

With A Little Rain

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Bristol wet


IMG_5954   IMG_5959
On the apron at Bristol, very welcoming.   The end of Britain and the start of the sea.
IMG_5961   IMG_5964
Food for the mind.   And food for the rest of the body.
IMG_5963   IMG_5967
France.   Breakfasting in an A319.
IMG_5975   IMG_5979
Palma Bay in the distance, not quite the look I was hoping for.   PMI, foul weather gear all round.
IMG_5980   IMG_5981
17:00 local and the weather is on the mend. View from the room.   However not sure if I’ll chance it next to the pool?


Palma wet on arrival

Even More Connected

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A touch of rain


IMG_5941   IMG_5942
Old style DPM, which is rather too big for the boot   Still of the night without rain
IMG_5945   IMG_5946
Navigation provided by Waze   Very early morning departures at BRS
IMG_5948   IMG_5950
Think I’ve got all of my five a day covered here.   easyJet’s bag drop queue
IMG_5951   IMG_5952
Blogging #01   Blogging #02


And the bitter is off

More Tiny Rebel

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Coffee, Spoons

And The Pen & Wig

Indian Summer – Last Day

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Cold, dry and still (as in Bedwas General Store). Extra air in the tyres ready for #PMI912. On the bus to Newport. Another Tiny Rebel day but first a visit to the Tom Toya Lewis (Wetherspoons).



You come all the way to Newport and you get Caerphilly ales. Not that this is a problem, at all!

The bar opens at 09:00 and I'm hard at it at 09:01. However request in to serve from 08:00 as per Caerphilly.


Now this is good but I should really be at the cheese festival at Cardiff Castle.

And this a rather good smokey ale.

Happy end of Indian Summer days.

Dream Team–The Live Writer Test

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Looks like this is the way forward


Position Team Manager Points
1 Save the Bale Paul Jones 181
2 Brents boys Brent Parry 168
3 Gabalfa Rangers Russell Calderwood 161
4 Redbirds Sarah Jones 158
5 LENNOX 101207 neil page 152
6 whisky boys david malatynski 150
7 Matthews Marvels Jane Williams 149
8 Sharkys Dream Team Mark Jones 142
9 Bluebirds in Red Neil Lintern 141
9 Tanauan terriers brian mills 141
11 Saunders Valve Dale Parker 137
12 Water Boys Daniel Roberts 135
13 Marching On Together Ian Page 130
14 The Price is right Gareth Price 129
14 Alabang athletic brian mills 129
16 Elite 11 Michael Roberts 128
17 UPANDWIN Chris Vardon 127
18 Victory Victoria Page 124
19 Sassy’s Boys Sarah Pritchard 121
19 He Who Dares Wins Matthew Hoskins 121
21 FRANNYS BOYS frances page 119
22 HQdlaty Magdalena Walczak 116
23 Living Liberty Loca Joanne Jones 115
24 Evs11 Richard Evans 114
25 Talwg United Barrie Niblett 112
25 Blackwood Bluebirds Alec Withers 112
27 craigy cavaliers Craig Holley 102
28 liams team liam page 101
29 Hutchys hammers Lee Hutchings 100
30 Olympic United Mike Simonson 94
30 The Glory Boys Mark Lonney 94
32 little troopers leslie withers 92
33 Willmott’s Warriors Andrew Willmott 86
33 JP United Jennifer Price 86
35 max’s millions Carl Price 75
36 Malky’s Blue and Red Robin Gibbs 65
37 Open Source Stars Roger Nash 54


Apart from my score

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