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The First Mini Beano of 2017 – Frosty Start

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Hot water bottles on the dash

No that’s the way forward

The Black Pudding Beano

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With mist

And real Autumn

Garden – January 2013 #uksnow edition

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It’s cold and wet

And I’m not even sure it’s that pretty

Garden–January 2013 The Snow Pictures #uksnow

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Us Brits, well, we don’t do weather very well, especially snow.


IMG_6611   IMG_6609
Hedge and Plum tree.   And closer.
IMG_6610   IMG_6604
More closeness.   The tree from next door.
IMG_6606   IMG_6607
Derek, my compost bin.   The garden is somewhere under there.


However the roads have been gritted

Amber Warning

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Wet and windy

As I stumble over my words

With A Little Rain

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Bristol wet


IMG_5954   IMG_5959
On the apron at Bristol, very welcoming.   The end of Britain and the start of the sea.
IMG_5961   IMG_5964
Food for the mind.   And food for the rest of the body.
IMG_5963   IMG_5967
France.   Breakfasting in an A319.
IMG_5975   IMG_5979
Palma Bay in the distance, not quite the look I was hoping for.   PMI, foul weather gear all round.
IMG_5980   IMG_5981
17:00 local and the weather is on the mend. View from the room.   However not sure if I’ll chance it next to the pool?


Palma wet on arrival

New Hair (Monochrome)

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At the Barbers

And then in a tunnel

Snow–The Worst Is Over

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Sunday 05 February 2012

IMG_4997   IMG_5000
No mowing the lawn today   Snowy Summer Onions
IMG_5001   IMG_5002
The front   Up
IMG_5004   IMG_5006
Down   The mountain

Now it’s just the ice.  Thank you Caerphilly Council for stopping the gritting at the bottom of the hill.

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And Home

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Then Bedwas

And the snowy video

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Cold hands

Cold feet

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