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Cottage Brewery in the Ernest Willows

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A mini beer festival

Thank you Wetherspoons

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Ernest Willows Mini Beer Festival

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The Cottage Brewey showing off their wares. Well done Wetherspons for supporting small brewers.

The first ale Broadguage Bitter 3.9% ABV

A good B. Not too much body but a very pleasant bitter.

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The Chitting Begins

24/01/2010 Leave a comment

Two bags of Desiree

24 January 2010 - Garden - 001   24 January 2010 - Garden - 002

And they’re off

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Over the mountain

15/01/2010 Leave a comment

Via the fog

and to the semi real fire

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Raw Tomato

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Good for something

Still helping Germany

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More Snow

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No Echo

But the Co-op are having a sandwich sale

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Thaw, wind & sale

12/01/2010 Leave a comment

More eggs

Sort of Curry like


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