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The Haunting of Connecticut

29/03/2009 Leave a comment

More story, less scaring.  B+.


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Living in a box

17/03/2009 Leave a comment

In a cardboard box

SR in a box


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Marley and me

15/03/2009 Leave a comment

Even the dog is blond.  Hankies at the end.


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March Museums – Day 04 – Mainly Tanks

10/03/2009 Leave a comment

With some steak, salad & chocolate

Mostly ready



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March Museums – Day 04 – Big Breakfast Video

08/03/2009 Leave a comment

For energy

Worked for me



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March Museums – Day 04 – The Tank Museum

08/03/2009 Leave a comment

Nearly finished




Gate Guard – A Centurion


The new look




New entrance and memorial to those who have fallen


A Larry tank


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March Museums – Day 01 – Inside Cosford

07/03/2009 Leave a comment

All the halls

Lots of cancelled planes due to economic circumstances



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