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Garden – February 2019

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The Semi Spring of late February



And Chitting has started

They know what I want

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Rugby Day



And an emergency semi Spring haircut

Day is still that way

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In the middle of the week



And the glass says beer

#mb04 – Day 01 Early Morning Costa

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Back in the Hereford Groove

And it’s very good. Bacon powered.

A Chief Arrives

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Went to Penarth



A Chief and Edna arrives

Nearly 4K

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A Wet Winter Monday in Newport



Cheaper Fine Ales all around

The Beer and Tech Look Back for w/e Saturday 09 February 2019

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The Beer and Tech Look Back for w/e Saturday 09 February 2019. @thebeerex 2019 a review. Apple and FaceTime issues and why you should take your time over fixes. #Audio

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#mb03 – Day 03 The Final Wrap

03/02/2019 1 comment

Beerex was Great



The weather not so much

Beerex Day 02 and a Change

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A Great Beer Festival



And a change in resolution

#mb03 – Day 02

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A snowy start to the day



And Beerex was great

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