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Music this Month – July 2011

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What I’m listening to

Back in the game (live) – Gillan
Tales of the unexpected – Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush
Burn – Deep Purple III
Learning to Fly – Tom Petty
How Long – Saga
Back on the streets – Gary Moore

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July 2011

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The month of:-

Flying back
Late trains to Big Carl
4.5 TOG (finally)
NotW endeth
Mayor of Willows again
Earlies and Summer Onions
Be Fibre interest
DT back
Silicone maybe?
More Spring Onions
From the beginning – BG
Silicone failure
Pies & lies
Freebies and half silicone
X and Wifi
Old school and cider
Stand by The Norwegians
Fire in the hole
More Easy
More guttering
Trains and coaches


Coming in August 2011

Jolly Boys

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Garden – August 2011

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Hacking Plums

When I should be weeding

Ignore The Cheese

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Go for apples

And Goats

Oddly Summery

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First half ale

Second half ale

It drops

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By the sea

Without being able to see it

It rained (again)

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Big coffee, big burger to start

Beers, all Bs

June 2011

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The month of:-

Water not cut off
Broken lock
Centrally speaking
WWDC – catch up and move past
5 and a cloud
Buffet, beer & sleep
Exciting news
Mainly me
GWBCF 2011
Everyone’s being Lulzseced
Change and recharge
Lulz gone
Hot Berlin
Gatow & Brauhaus in Spandau
Flak Tower & Bunkers
Soviet War Memorials & Drizzle
Google Plus


Coming in July 2011

More old school

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Music this Month – June 2011

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What I’m listening to

A light in the sky – Don Airey
Rough Boy – ZZ Top
Holy water – Ian Gillan & friends
I turned to stone – Budgie
Love to love (live) – UFO

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Garden – July 2011

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The all news Garden page

With lost of weeds

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