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Off to see Big Carl

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Minus any view of the Big Man

There is however a picture on Twitpic

Heading home

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The S-Bahn

And the easyJet

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Quicker by S-Bahn

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Day 05, the journey home

IMG_4595   IMG_4597
The room   Only CNN in English (he moans)
IMG_4589   IMG_4594
The TV Tower for the last time   The World Clock and Alexanderplatz
IMG_4598   IMG_4599
Ostkreuz, changing S-Bahn   The Airport Express
IMG_4601   IMG_4602
Follow the line to the Airport   S-Bahn Station
IMG_4604   IMG_4605
The covered way   Stereotyping?
IMG_4610   IMG_4611
SXF   Easyjet checkin
IMG_4615   IMG_4616
Departure corridor #01   Departure corridor #02
IMG_4621   IMG_4626
Holland   Heathrow


Soon to be BBI
Soon to be BBI

Back to Spandau

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A little rain

Means fine bier and home made German cooking

Soviet War Memorials

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One closed for renovations

The other with drizzle

The Tower The Wall and The Checkpoint

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A Flak Tower, The Death Zone

And where I got my passport stamped, Allied Checkpoint Charlie

The Three Brauhauses

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Spandau, Mitte and Lemke

Spandau was by far the best

The Luftwaffe Museum

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Rather hot, rather humid and through a housing estate

But well worth it

Not that St George

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Yes and in Berlin

Fly, Bahn and Walk

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It was hot

And I didn’t get any strawberries

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