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Heading home

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The S-Bahn

And the easyJet

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Quicker by S-Bahn

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Day 05, the journey home

IMG_4595   IMG_4597
The room   Only CNN in English (he moans)
IMG_4589   IMG_4594
The TV Tower for the last time   The World Clock and Alexanderplatz
IMG_4598   IMG_4599
Ostkreuz, changing S-Bahn   The Airport Express
IMG_4601   IMG_4602
Follow the line to the Airport   S-Bahn Station
IMG_4604   IMG_4605
The covered way   Stereotyping?
IMG_4610   IMG_4611
SXF   Easyjet checkin
IMG_4615   IMG_4616
Departure corridor #01   Departure corridor #02
IMG_4621   IMG_4626
Holland   Heathrow


Soon to be BBI
Soon to be BBI

Back to Spandau

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A little rain

Means fine bier and home made German cooking

Soviet War Memorials

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One closed for renovations

The other with drizzle

The Tower The Wall and The Checkpoint

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A Flak Tower, The Death Zone

And where I got my passport stamped, Allied Checkpoint Charlie

The Three Brauhauses

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Spandau, Mitte and Lemke

Spandau was by far the best

The Luftwaffe Museum

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Rather hot, rather humid and through a housing estate

But well worth it

Not that St George

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Yes and in Berlin

Fly, Bahn and Walk

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It was hot

And I didn’t get any strawberries

Brauhaus in Spandau–The return

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It was drizzling

IMG_4581   IMG_4582
Tomato soup and dark bread   Rather scary for a plain fair boy like me but rather good
IMG_4583   IMG_4585
After the wort has been filtered off   And then back to the farm for cattle feed


And they do good food


Just across the road from Alstadt Spandau
Just across the road from Alstadt Spandau
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