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Music This Month – March 2016

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The Phantom of the Opera – Iron Maiden
Plug In Baby – Muse
Tom Sawyer – Rush
Echo Beach – Martha and the Muffins
America – The Nice
Mountain Time – Joe Bonamassa

March 2016

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The month of:-

Emergency bus stop
Icy start
Arrived New Street – 12:55
Refund Claimed
Craven Arms
Retweeted by a cat (Welly)
Drop my rights
Beg Welly
Slow fixing
American support
Small and without vinegar
Underground LTE
Black Pudding Egg
Spring mowing
Blue Things
Green Day
Get Set
Dogs and certificates
Old viruses stored
SE and 9.3
Boaty McBoatface
Missing Owls
Gym Coffee
Stompie’s Plums
It was XP
Military style coffee and cold
App travel
Broken Belt and soggy fields


Coming in April 2016

A new start

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Stompies Plums

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Spring Over

Titanic Wins

Dry and Good Friday

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Gym People

In the semi Spring

Short And Not Red

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Skipped the coffee and haircut

And the rugby fans too, mostly

Garden – March 2016

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The Sun is out

And the growing has begun

Barry Super Food

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In the Sun

With the Chicks (Chocolate)

Not Planned Bristol

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Dead Pheasant

Dead Good Bristol

Curry and Grounds

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Food for Derek

And Food and Drink for me


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Another year slips by

And I’m drinking a fine ale from Cwmbran

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