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Belgian Gorilla

08/01/2017 Leave a comment


And Chimay

The Battle of the Chillis

06/11/2016 Leave a comment

A Tuesday #EB

And a beer battle in the HopBunker

Missed The Orange Thing

18/09/2016 Leave a comment

Spent the afternoon in The Gravity Station

With beers from Flanders, Llantwit Major and Italy

No Sign

24/07/2016 Leave a comment

Well, it’s been since March

And it is Summer now

Curry and Grounds

13/03/2016 Leave a comment

Food for Derek

And Food and Drink for me

Food for Derek

15/01/2016 Leave a comment

What does your compost bin eat?

Spent coffee grounds from Cardiff

Winter’s Here

22/11/2015 Leave a comment

Sleet in the Valley

Gales in the Capital

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