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Music This Month – November 2015

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Dream On – aerosmith
Strangeway – Firefall
We are the road crew – Motorhead
Man on a Silver Mountain – Rainbow
Every Rose has its Thorn – Poison
Harden my Heart – Quarterflash

November 2015

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November 2015

The month of:-

The last lawn mowing of the year
No favourite
When WiFi doesn’t work
Spiral drinking
Different coloured barrels
Slow QR code
23 and Me
From 07:00
Wedding craft
Not til 12:00
Rather Red
Coffee grounds
At the top with a postit
Stagefright fix
Already here but not here
Missing the Football Echo
Rogerstone not Bristol
Gales and pipes
Nano and Mince Pies
Sleet and gales
Frost cracking
Festive Bedwas
Helping by doing nothing
False positive Friday
Tim Saturday
Work hardened and fore thought

Coming in December 2015

Christmas and Stuff

Tim and Z

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In the Wind and Rain

No Nobby

Winter’s Here

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Sleet in the Valley

Gales in the Capital

Building The Style

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Flown in from China

Getting LTE in South Wales

The Unfinished Ponty

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It rained in Caerphilly

It rained even more in Pontypridd

Top Shelf Postit

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Coffee Grounds for Compost

And a 10% DIPA

DT: Sunday Afternoon Updates

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For the afternoon of Sunday 08 November 2015

Position Team  Manager  GW  TOT
1 Flamingo FC  Scott Whittingham  54 612
2 Unstoppable  Dean Parry  57 604
3 Cleverley Dunne Son  Gareth Yeo  36 602
4 Klump City  colin liston  40 573
5 Ajax Spray & Wipe  Dave Birmingham  47 562
6 Vidre Dubrovnika!  Chris Bailey  55 555
7 Pancho Villa  Howard Whittingham  48 554
8 Little Troopers  Leslie Withers  45 552
9 Saunders Valve  Dale Parker  43 551
10 Watchuself  Mark Begley  57 551
11 Echo XI  Steve Lane  73 540
12 Spartak Danzak  danny wyman  48 534
13 BSD City  Roger Nash  52 524
14 Bottom but one  craig price  40 518
15 Max’s Millions  Carl Price  55 516
16 Olding On  Tyrone Olding  37 488
17 Gabalfa Rangers  Russell Calderwood  47 481
18 The Glory Boys  Mark Lonney  36 463

Just One Sunday

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The Martian

And just one pint

Cardiff in London

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Go to London

And the craft ale is from Llantrisant

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