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For Saturday 01 May 2021

01/05/2021 Leave a comment

The Saturday Wrap for 01 May 2021. The Watershed, Boiler Service, Lettuce, Sunburn, The Expanse, 10K Reddit Karma, Back to The Tumble, iOS 14.5, Postal Vote, Burger in the carpark.  #Bedwas #SaturdayWrap 

The Unfinished Ponty

15/11/2015 Leave a comment

It rained in Caerphilly

It rained even more in Pontypridd

Plus Ten Minutes

26/01/2014 Leave a comment

Caerphilly wet

Pontypridd wet too

Hello Ponty

15/09/2013 Leave a comment

Cloudy, Bedwas and Caerphilly

Sunny Pontypridd

Team Coffee

27/04/2013 Leave a comment

Spring in Pontypridd

But only one

Old Timers In The Rain

15/03/2013 Leave a comment

You know the drill

Wetherspoons in Caerphilly and Pontypridd

Big Carl and Ponty

20/05/2012 Leave a comment

Back in Blighty

And it drizzles

More Ponty

28/01/2012 Leave a comment

The 2012 edition

And ale trail plus two

Drizzle and pre Bite

07/08/2011 Leave a comment


And parks

Sunny and Sleepy

12/06/2011 Leave a comment

Ponty was looking good

I slept through it, mostly

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