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Wetherspoons Review – The Bear’s Head

31/01/2009 Leave a comment

Ham, eggs & chips, toast as an extra.  Really good and the way forward.

Another winter warmer winner

Faster WiFi in Penarth

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25/01/2009 Leave a comment

Perfectly fine.  Did it need Tom Cruise?

Berlin - June 2007 - 090


Berlin - June 2007 - 086

Claus von Stauffenberg memorial


Memorial to German resistance


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Wetherspoons – Food Review – 24 January 2009

24/01/2009 Leave a comment

It’s a Saturday morning winner.

And thank you for the free WiFi


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Sue putting the fun back into work

22/01/2009 Leave a comment

Protects against climate change too!


Yummy plus

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18/01/2009 Leave a comment

An excellent story.  Daniel Craig is rather good.  Not sure if it tries too hard to be an action film.


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09/01/2009 Leave a comment

Global warming?

At least it’s good for the garden?

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No longer opens at 08:00

08/01/2009 Leave a comment

But you can have a meal deal at 09:00!

Wyndham 08 Jan 09


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CES from the Tom Toya

07/01/2009 Leave a comment

First real day of CES 2009, started with a Wetherspoons breakfast in the Tom Toya in Newport.


And then onto the CNET coverage of MAC World on the Clix II and next The Techpodcast Network CES 2009 backchannel coverage on the Eee PC.  Still on the IPA



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Grill Tuesday – Willows

06/01/2009 Leave a comment

More Joy with public transport, being on time would be nice?  Viatel, please don’t invoice me for January when I left in December!!

Willows 06 January 2009

Large mixed grill.

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Spoons Sale – Day 01

05/01/2009 Leave a comment

First of all, Arriva Trains Wales, please fix your ticket machine at Caerphilly station?  The Spoons sale is the way forward.  3.6% by volume is a bit weak for an IPA but at £0.99, who’s arguing? Firefox, Downthemall and the Twit network are the way forward!


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