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Wetherspoons Review – The Bear’s Head

31/01/2009 Leave a comment

Ham, eggs & chips, toast as an extra.  Really good and the way forward.

Another winter warmer winner

Faster WiFi in Penarth

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25/01/2009 Leave a comment

Perfectly fine.  Did it need Tom Cruise?

Berlin - June 2007 - 090


Berlin - June 2007 - 086

Claus von Stauffenberg memorial


Memorial to German resistance


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Wetherspoons – Food Review – 24 January 2009

24/01/2009 Leave a comment

It’s a Saturday morning winner.

And thank you for the free WiFi


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Sue putting the fun back into work

22/01/2009 Leave a comment

Protects against climate change too!


Yummy plus

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18/01/2009 Leave a comment

An excellent story.  Daniel Craig is rather good.  Not sure if it tries too hard to be an action film.


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09/01/2009 Leave a comment

Global warming?

At least it’s good for the garden?

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No longer opens at 08:00

08/01/2009 Leave a comment

But you can have a meal deal at 09:00!

Wyndham 08 Jan 09


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