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Music This Month – May 2016

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Roundabout – Yes
One – Metallica
Justified & Ancient – The KLF
Can The Can – Suzi Quatro
I am – Munk
You Keep Me Hangin’ On – Vanilla Fudge

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May 2016

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The month of:-

Trangia Coffee returns
BT Sync
#EB in the Sun
Garden planted
Card in Pocket
Tim Saturday
Summer planting
Yellow rain warning
The bags are earthed up
Hanger Dance and Travelodge
Win 10 Desktop
Where’s my DVD
W39 Wiper
It’s back
Season Over
Free beer
#io2016 jam tomorrow
No PiP
Huld 2 is alive
Old Man’s Pub in the Sun
Another tweet
The End of Celt?
Yes PiP
Sunny and planting


Coming in June 2016

2 centre Beano

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Sadly Ceasing

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A Tasting sesson

And a sad goodye

Tasting and Saying Goodbye

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Excellent cans from Fourpure

Sad news about Celt Pure ceasing production

Picture In Picture Beer

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The Queens Hotel

And More

More From The Fridge

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The Queens Hotel

Newport’s finest fridge

Dry Helicopters

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The first visit

When it didn’t rain

The Helicopter Museum

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The first time without rain.

IMG_7716   IMG_7717
No rain but chilly when the sun goes in.   Cloudy.
IMG_7723   IMG_7727
Lots of Lynxes.  

Westland Lynx WG.13 XW839.

IMG_7728   IMG_7731
Westland Wessex HCC Mk.4 XV733 – The Queens Flight.   Westland Wasp HAS Mk.1 XT443.
IMG_7734   IMG_7741
Czechoslovak Air Force. Mil Mi-4 "Hound"    
IMG_7737   IMG_7735
IMG_7754   IMG_7757
East German Army Mil Mi-24D "Hind"    
IMG_7750   IMG_7744
Hughes OH-6A Cayuse, 67-16506    
IMG_7746   IMG_7752
Bell 47G-381 Sioux   Bell UH-1H Iroquois – Huey
IMG_7738   IMG_7758
Piasecki HUP-3 Retriever   TOW tubes on a Lynx 3 ZE477

And a location map.

Helicopter Museum
Helicopter Museum

Garden – May 2016

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Everything planted

But I didn’t plant the weeds

No Tone or Geuze

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Good Fridges

Are the answer

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