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April 2018

01/05/2018 Leave a comment

The month of:-

A new future plan
Didn’t see the snow
Butch passes
World Bacon shortage
Bags planted
Digging started
Sudafed City
And with the Play Store
Zuck memes
Yacht Rock
Trying the freeze
Polycarbonate and typos
The Audio Page
More audio video by the sea
The Heatwave starts
Velvet Owl
Gardening again
Mostly dug
Lolffest 3
All the Onions
Lots of Politics

Coming in May 2018

More Hereford
More Wessex

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March 2018

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The month of:-

Red snow alert
But time for a curry
On the backup portal
Non refundable Beano
No buses, some buses, no train, thaw
Cheap burgers in the thaw
With ears?
Valuable customer
Bearing in mind
It was there all along
The lightness of no snow
Techmeme Podcast
Pulse for life
Tesco low stock
No kitchens
It may burn
Mr Hawkins passed
Pipes and hedges
Day early snow
The Beast 02 and Wildcard
Copied copies again
Back on the wall
Garden starting
Tiny screws
Cables and 2011
Unofficial two lanes
Coffee on the other side
Dog by the heater
11.3 and bugs?

Coming in April 2018

And still Wessex
Digging and planting
LoL Fest 03

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February 2018

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The month of:-

Lots of pictures in Birmingham
Swallow and lost
Ordering lunch from the park
Otley in The Winter Sun
Apple Pay on the bus
Titanium and U6 x 2
Seed Potatoes Arrive
Holding no charge
Away from down the road
The Return
The Apple Pay Virgin
80% and a needle
Wrong sort
Yodel have my Hard Drive
Otley Brewery Closes
Cloudwater and The Earthquake
Every ten years
Twt Lol ticket
The hard drive and watch
Lots of new tables
The last small one
Tax the carpets
Two sizes
Bad battery and long code
The power of social media
Snow Squall

Coming in March 2018

Birthday Beanos
Easter Wessex

Music This Month – January 2018

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Love is like Oxygen – The Sweet
Just like paradise – David Lee Roth
East River – Becker Brothers
Linger – The Cranberries
I turned to stone parts 1 & 2 – Budgie

January 2018

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The month of:-

First in Swarm
Storm Eleanor
That Spring again
Flat White sold in Neath
Need a part
Flat White confirmed
The true end of Christmas
Looking dry
Start with a failure
Kettle tripst
In the market
Remote positioning
2 T-shirts
Banned Worldwide
2 Breweries South
TWiT home
Minus Bus Stop
Broken Ceiling
Still leaking
Filter and the plastic pipe
Video and a bike
Jimmy Armfield passes
The longest trip to Newport
Short and too wet
Ads and Domain
Office for scissors

Coming in February 2018

Burning up

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Music This Month – December 2017

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Lady of the Lake – Starcastle
Sultans of Swing – Dire Straits
Jane – Jefferson Starship
I believe in Father Christmas – Greg Lake
Long Distance Runaround – Yes

December 2017

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The month of:-

Cake in Bridgend
Festive Haircut
iOS 11.2
Mostly packing
Turkey and festive mash
Wellies doesn’t Tweet
Patreon changes
A cancelled train and snow
A gentle afternoon
Sunday Snow
More snow
Roll Back
Podfeet shout out
Broken ticket machine
No correct sizes
Flapjack Monday
Be good
The Drip and the Website
The Great Ponty Fire of 2017
The Spring is changed
Poundland Elf
Another Podcast mention
Santa drove my bus
Biggest ever Tweet
Swiping great news
All much bigger
The no scrape packed out day
Old TWiT end of the Year

Coming in January 2018

CES in London

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