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Music This Month – August 2016

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Turn the page – Metallica
Free Fallin – Tom Petty
Dream a little dream of me – Mamas and The Papas
Uprising – Muse
Tie Your Mother Down – Lemmy and Ted Nugent
How Long – Saga

The 2016 @cardiffbrewfest

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With a blue tinge

Craft ruled the day

The One Day Summer

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Sunny Newport

Hot Newport

The CopperTable

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The New Gravity Station

And the music is banned in Germany (again)

Blowy Saturday – Day 03

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With a Yellow weather warning for wind, it will be best to stay indoors and that’s my plan.  Premier Inn Black Pudding to start again.

IMG_5821   IMG_5826
Costa Coffee at the base and The Premier Inn just around the corner.   Black Pudding and a raw Tomato.
IMG_5822   IMG_5823
Local Poke Stop – Part 01.   Local Poke Stop – Part 02.
IMG_5831   IMG_5827
The local Spoons – The Royal Oak.  Does a good trade in Full Englishs.   Used my CAMRA voucher.
IMG_5829   IMG_5830
Strong, but tastes stronger.   Plenty of hops.
IMG_5832   IMG_5833
Can beat Teddy Bears!   Actually a Marston’s Pub. Both BT and Sky Football.
IMG_5834   IMG_5835
Thin but spicy.   And the crowd go wild!
IMG_5837   IMG_5838
Moving on to a Brewpub.   Not as good as it looked, which is a pity.
IMG_5840   IMG_5822
Much better but not part of the chain. Brewed in London.   Pressure vessel and something else.
Brewhouse and Kitchen
Brewhouse and Kitchen

DT: Saturday Afternoon Updates

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For the afternoon of Saturday 21 August 2016

Rank Manager Team GW TOT
1 Dale Parker  Saunders Valve 64 112
2   Dave Birmingham  Osasuna or later 63 109
4   Ian Page  Marching On Together 47 105
5   Tony Norton  Nockers Knights 65 103
6   Gareth Yeo  Deeney in a bottle 51 102
7   Matthew Norton  DutchOven 48 95
8   Roger Nash  Ogg Vorbis United 56 94
9   Leslie Withers  Little Troopers 46 89
10   Dean Parry  Parrysgoldenballs 51 86
11   Tyrone Olding  Spartak Ponty 46 85
12   Mark Begley  Watchuself 40 84
13   Chris Bailey  Vidre Dubrovnika! 42 79
14   Niamhy Coveney  Niamhy’s Warriors 46 74
15   Howard Whittingham  Pancho XI 38 72
16   rhys linton  Rhys 11 33 69
17   Howell Lewis  Olivier’s Army 44 67
18   craig price  A picnic…surely? 27 58
19   colin liston  Klump City 21 57
20   Scott Whittingham  Whitts Wanderers 30 51
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Blowy Saturday

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Autumn blows in

Before Summer has ended

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