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And a plan for the next visit

02/04/2018 Leave a comment

On a quiet Sunday afternoon

It all comes together

It Is Eleven Point Three

01/04/2018 Leave a comment

Much functionality

But maybe a bug

Good Friday Rain 2018

31/03/2018 Leave a comment

I found Motorway Coffee

And a bigger rabbit

Every Thursday Now

17/06/2017 Leave a comment

Another election?

Better rebook Dorchester

No One Won

17/06/2017 Leave a comment

It was all over by 07:00

And yet ongoing

The Election in the Rain

10/06/2017 Leave a comment

Dorchester, for the election

The Convivial Rabbit for the Fine Ales

Blowy Saturday – Day 03

21/08/2016 Leave a comment

With a Yellow weather warning for wind, it will be best to stay indoors and that’s my plan.  Premier Inn Black Pudding to start again.

IMG_5821   IMG_5826
Costa Coffee at the base and The Premier Inn just around the corner.   Black Pudding and a raw Tomato.
IMG_5822   IMG_5823
Local Poke Stop – Part 01.   Local Poke Stop – Part 02.
IMG_5831   IMG_5827
The local Spoons – The Royal Oak.  Does a good trade in Full Englishs.   Used my CAMRA voucher.
IMG_5829   IMG_5830
Strong, but tastes stronger.   Plenty of hops.
IMG_5832   IMG_5833
Can beat Teddy Bears!   Actually a Marston’s Pub. Both BT and Sky Football.
IMG_5834   IMG_5835
Thin but spicy.   And the crowd go wild!
IMG_5837   IMG_5838
Moving on to a Brewpub.   Not as good as it looked, which is a pity.
IMG_5840   IMG_5822
Much better but not part of the chain. Brewed in London.   Pressure vessel and something else.
Brewhouse and Kitchen
Brewhouse and Kitchen
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