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20230606 mb07 Day 03 Wrap

07/06/2023 Leave a comment

Another grey and cold morning with maybe a hint of damp in the air. Downloaded an update to Detail Duo and now I am trialling it. Both Spoons for the last day. Recording the WWDC Wrap. A gentle afternoon in The Pelican, discussing The Good Life.

And so it ends again

In a New Vision World

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I think Vision Pro will slowly change computing, meanwhile in Gloucester it was grey and cool again. Grey and cold. Both Gloucester Spoons and an afternoon of Fine Ales in The Pelican Inn.

Non 3D in The Pelican

Punk and Live Captions

06/06/2023 Leave a comment

Testing the full version of Display Duo in The Lord High Constable of England, Gloucester. Seems work well.

Seems to work

20230605 mb07 Day 02 Wrap

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Not only a very cold wind but a rather grey sky until mid morning. Full English in the Beefeater with lots of darker, better cooked sausages. Detail Duo and a query on Discord. Great brewed on site Fine Ales at the Brewhouse and Kitchen but the WiFI is poor. A Superior Sour in Warehouse 4 where there is fine WiFi and there will be a Gloucester Oktoberfest 2023.

And then there was WWDC23. No M3 but updates to the Mac Studio and Mac Pro. Actionable Widgets and better Airdrop. Lots of opportunities for more Belkin accessories. The Vision Pro, very expensive but I think it’s the start of something very big.

Would be better with Vision Pro

There Will Be A 2023 Oktoberfest Gloucester

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I knew there was going to be a cold wind to start but it was grey and cloudy and definitely not High Summer. I decided to stay on the Quays, because I am lazy and I wanted to shake things up about. Brewhouse and Kitchen scores very highly on customers service an CAMRA discount but not on the WiFi.

Warehouse 4 now has a sour but it only had a third left. Maybe 22p worth? Talked to a Manager who confirmed that Gloucester Brewery will be having an Oktoberfest in 2023. The Apple web store is down.

Warehouse 4

20230604 mb07 Day 01 Wrap

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When you leave 15 minutes early and you only get delayed for 10 minutes on the bridge. Also being in the middle lane helped too. Still with the cold wind again. The Lord High Constable and The Pelican while there was a race for life. Cheese and Onion Rolls with a Pint of Murk. Then there was another Birthday Ale, this time from Brew York. A Collab with Lervig at 12% with Cherries.

Pre WWDC Wrap

Debris On The Bridge

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eaving early, delayed and stopped on The Second Severn Crossing while a Policeman swept up Debris. Into The Lord High Constable and starting with an Unique. Cheese and Onion Rolls and a Pint of Murk to start in The Pelican. Another semi Birthday Ale, this time half Norwegian at 12% ABV.

Murk Sunday

Sunday Lunch at The Pelican

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Some very refreshing Summer murk from Pomoma Island, two Cheese and Onion Rolls and the trademark Fast WiFi that is The Pelican Inn #Gloucester This is the Summer (drought) Life #mb07

Tidy Sunday Lunch

20230604 Prelude mb07 Gloucester June 23

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The reason why I’m back at Gloucester Quays less than a week after I left. Debris on the bridge and my slightly earlier start. Cut out the cold Northerly wind and exchange it for some rain. All that and Bagpuss and WWDC.

Mostly for The Pelican and WWDC

For Saturday 03 June 2023

03/06/2023 Leave a comment

The Saturday Wrap for 03 June 2023. Friday Afternoon, Default Folder, Antibiotics, Not my birthday, Morris Men, A cold, Full English, macro blog, toilet roll, Cold, more lettuce, paying, Antibiotics, Gammon.  #SaturdayWrap  #Bedwas #June2023

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