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Another Odd Day

12/08/2018 Leave a comment

This one was off

But I still liked it

The Weather Breaks

29/07/2018 Leave a comment


With a Smock

Sleepy from the Heat

15/07/2018 Leave a comment

And there was a little rain

But I did get my Curry

Melt Chief

01/07/2018 Leave a comment

As June melts out

The Chief gets on the dog

Purchasing Pubs

10/06/2018 Leave a comment

Actually purchasing in Pubs

And then having chips

No Login Now

30/05/2018 Leave a comment

Late Spring Bank Holiday Monday

And we seem to have cured the captive portal problem

In The Corner Tech Support

20/05/2018 Leave a comment

Cold to start

#CurryThursday to warm up

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