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Very good but disturbing.  Nokia save the world.  Strange time line.


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Almost Woodchuck

15/10/2007 Leave a comment


Made me smile 🙂


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Run Fat Boy Run

14/10/2007 Leave a comment


Pus Plus.  B+


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The Heartbreak Kid

07/10/2007 Leave a comment


Good music, good trailer, poor film and even more poor Ben Stiller.



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September 2007

03/10/2007 Leave a comment


The month of:-

Tiki wedding


Palma practise


Michael Jackson – The Beer Hunter – dies

100,000 SETI credits

More foot and month

Shoot ’em Up

Special one goes

15 minutes door to departure

Cloud burst Palma

Soccergirl & avi

Not Easy queues




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