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Music this Month – May 2012

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What I’m listening to:-

Black Hole Sun – Soundgarden
This Corrosion – Sisters of Mercy
Like a Hurricane – Jeff Healey
Match of the Day – Genesis
San Francisco – Scott McKenzie

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May 2012

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The month of:-

The demise of SD2
Discovery buys Revision 3
Penarth ale trail
Wet Bank Holiday
Cask Marque and no taxi
Red head
No Wifi
Early return
Carl and The Patriot
Toms and Pepper seeds planted
Earthing up
Blood and sun
Cookie law
Larry’s knee
Roath ale trail
Veronica & Ryan

Coming in June 2012

Lots of Football

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I Videoed My Ale

30/05/2012 2 comments


Where’s the Wifi?

Coming Home–Some Photos

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A couple of photos from my journey home (18 May 2012)

IMG_5646   IMG_5650
Packed, pre sun up   Doesn’t look like a good day
IMG_5652   IMG_5654
Easy check in, surprising quick (PMI)   The stairs to security (PMI)
IMG_5655   IMG_5656
Breakfast this way   All low cal
IMG_5657   IMG_5661
Not full   Mainly easyJet
IMG_5668   IMG_5671
Goodbye Mallorca   38,000 feet
IMG_5673   IMG_5674
Bristol Airport (BRS)   Early here too

And now back to work

Big Carl and Ponty

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Back in Blighty

And it drizzles

Still Too Early

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But Better

Chilly at BRS


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Last day by the pool

List night by the pool

Big Bash

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Then action

Greek Exit

15/05/2012 1 comment

From early

And late. #grexit

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Castle Bellver

15/05/2012 1 comment

Overlooking the town and by of Palma

Well worth a visit

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