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Coming Home–Some Photos

21/05/2012 Leave a comment

A couple of photos from my journey home (18 May 2012)

IMG_5646   IMG_5650
Packed, pre sun up   Doesn’t look like a good day
IMG_5652   IMG_5654
Easy check in, surprising quick (PMI)   The stairs to security (PMI)
IMG_5655   IMG_5656
Breakfast this way   All low cal
IMG_5657   IMG_5661
Not full   Mainly easyJet
IMG_5668   IMG_5671
Goodbye Mallorca   38,000 feet
IMG_5673   IMG_5674
Bristol Airport (BRS)   Early here too

And now back to work

Still Too Early

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But Better

Chilly at BRS


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Last day by the pool

List night by the pool

Big Bash

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Then action

Castle Bellver

15/05/2012 1 comment

Overlooking the town and by of Palma

Well worth a visit

Of Castles

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While I render

I upload

Castell de Bellver–Palma – 02

14/05/2012 2 comments

More views, this time from inside the central keep

IMG_5588   IMG_5589
IMG_5593   IMG_5594
IMG_5595   IMG_5596
IMG_5603   IMG_5602
IMG_5609   IMG_5612
IMG_5613   IMG_5621
IMG_5625   IMG_5620

It’s well worth a visit.  But as it’s on top of a hill, either take the tourist bus or a taxi.


Castle Bellver
Castle Bellver
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