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September 2018

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The month of:-

Bournemouth way
Pipes 10th
Melon Baller
Seems to like "Old Farty Bollocks" type of real ale and fry ups
Velvet Owl
The Big Apple Meh
Old Mudgie Arms
Full System Backup – nearly
Für Helene
iOS 12
Boiler passed
Not from S4C
Chrome OS 69 (no linux)
A home for my audio
10.5 TOG
Ice on the screen
No middle of the night coffee
Gloucester Brewery Oktoberfest
Back to 10:00

Coming in October 2018

Autumn Wessex
West Dorset CAMRA
Spoons Beer Fest
Otley Fest

Low Temperature Warning

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That’s Autumn for you

So I got a Hereford Beer House T-shirt

No Early Morning Coffee

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When Starbucks 24/7

Isn’t, so Oktoberfest

Week Ending 29 September 2018

29/09/2018 1 comment

A look back on the week

Tech, beer and travel

Gloucester is Good

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Pre Oktoberfest

And it’s sunny


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Newport in the Autumn

And I return to the Murenger

Well Signed

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Rain and no Costa

Velvet Owl and free WiFi

Pipes 10th

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And rather Fine Ales

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