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He was American

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Spoons from 08:00 on a Sunday morning. The Big Question, Full English or an All Day Brunch? In the end just before 12:00, I went for the All Day Brunch but they had run out Black Pudding. Never mind it’s a side order anyway.

IMG 5344










You’ll notice that the Tomato is raw because that’s the only way to go. Extra Butter as usual but it could have been colder. I’m a bit fussy when it comes to everything.

IMG 5345










Anyway off to test out Gordon Bennett’s (who was an American Newspaper guy). It’s owned by Wye Valley Brewery and it’s more Bar than Pub. Cask mostly Wye Valley, Keg mass market but the fridge is diverse and excellent. No WiFi and the ThreeUK LTE is only near the entrance, otherwise it’s 3G.  Really friendly staff.

IMG 5348










IMG 5347










On to FireFly Hereford after getting lost. Firefly is a Pub / Vegan Restaurant and there is one in Worcester too.  They have changed the layout and my usual table by the window has gone. I skipped food, still full from the Full English but when I go back in June, I’m going to test the Vegan Burger.

IMG 5352










IMG 5354










IMG 5355













Just the one and via Tesco for Sandwiches for tea, it was back to The Hereford Beer House. The winner for drinking in Hereford.

IMG 5357










Revisit in June already planned. Updates on The Imperial and Beer in Hand coming.

#mb08 – Day 02

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And the time rush by



And it’s time to book to return

The Beerhouse is still the Best

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A Sunday of exploring



And it’s as per the title

The In The Light Beano

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It ticks all the boxes

  • Less than two hours away
  • Free parking
  • Approved (by me) hotel
  • All within walking distance
  • Local Spoons
  • Speciality Beer House
  • Supermarkets
  • Free WiFi

When where you are staying is next door to The Cider Museum, it all seems so right

IMG 5297










Hereford is Beef Country, however I popped into Costa Coffee for a Coffee and Bacon Roll

IMG 5300










On to The Kings Fee, the local Spoons. Where I find that Mild May is actually a thing in Hereford. I have a feeling that there may be a Mild in The Hereford Beer House. Not sure about Stonefish?

IMG 5312













IMG 5309










And aa Mild’s go it was rather complex and good. However time was pressing and it was time to find Gwatkin’s Micro Bar in The Butter Market. Their Cider was excellent and The Three UK LTE worked a treat.

IMG 5314










IMG 5315










The Sun was warm but the wind was cutting. Time to move unto The Hereford Beer House and who knew their own Mild at Tap #01 

IMG 5319










IMG 5320













It all went a bit European and I met a couple of CAMRA guys and surprisingly we talked beer. What a wonderful place the Hereford Beer House is.

IMG 5324













IMG 5325













IMG 5328













IMG 5330













And I’m going back on Sunday.

#mb08 – Day 01

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Lots of weather



But that didn’t spoil it

It rained and the wind was cold

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However it was Hereford



And it was Awesome

DT: Saturday Afternoon Updates

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For the afternoon of Saturday 04 May 2019

Premier League

Rank Team & Manager GW Score Total Points
1  same It’s Raining Mendy 26 2247
Gareth Yeo 
2  same Ponty Bloooobirds 47 2145
Tyrone Olding 
3  same Numero NuNo 26 2101
Scott Whittingham 
4  same AY WE 42 2053
Howard Whittingham 
5  up Marching on Together 40 1996
Ian Page 
6  up Sorachi Aces 65 1990
Roger Nash 
7  down Cardiff bluebirds 24 1977
Dean Parry 
8  down CHANGE NAME 30 1964
Richard Culliford 
9  same Saunders Valve 47 1931
Dale Parker 
10  same Klump City 34 1899
colin liston 
11  same Rhysx1 25 1882
Rhys Linton 
12  same Destroyer 9 1858
Harri linton 
13  same Occam’s XI 20 1845
Mark Begley 
14  same FANTASYLAND 6 1791
15  up Another Picnic… 36 1742
Craig Price 
16  down FC Grithoppers 19 1729
Colin Davies 
17  up Vidre Dubrovnika! 20 1716
Chris Bailey 
18  down Niamhyson 14 1715
Niamhy Coveney 
19  same JudysLast11 13 1693
Judith Miller 
20  same Tomos’ Tigers -2 1604
Colin Davies 


Pos Team Total Points
1 Dyf wont win 2224
Dyfan Thomas
2 Ponty Bloooobirds 2129
Ty Olding
3 JudysLast11 1992
Judith Miller
4 FC Gresford Grithoppers 1910
Colin Davies
5 Normski 1804
Andrew Norman
6 ColCorp Rangers 1798
Roger Nash
7 Tomos’ Tigers 1777
Colin Davies
8 I Should Stick To Rugby 1776
David Morgan
8 Little Black Hen 1776
Andrew Norman
10 I WILL Beat My Dad This Time 1765
Millie Morgan
11 Marching on Together 1686
Ian Page
12 Jacks Army 1656
Chris White
13 SMILLER11 1620
Steve Miller

#mb08 2019 – More Hereford

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In the light

But cold and rain on the way up

Low Temperature Warning

30/09/2018 1 comment

That’s Autumn for you

So I got a Hereford Beer House T-shirt

No Early Morning Coffee

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When Starbucks 24/7

Isn’t, so Oktoberfest

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