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20221004 mb10 Day 05 Wrap

05/10/2022 Leave a comment

The last day, feeling better than yesterday. Lots of network it just does work issues. However there’s a fresh cask of Cowcatcher on at The Regal. If only more Pubs had filled rolls like the Turks Head. Installing October’s Pixel security update in The Pelican. I came with a cold, I left with a cold. It was the cold Mini Beano. I also with three Oktoberfest Pint glasses (paid for). The Severn Bridge is closed due to high winds.

Networks Just Don’t Work

05/10/2022 Leave a comment

WiFi won’t connect, VPN drops, Ultimate WiFi isn’t and only just 5G signal. It’s the last day of #mb10. There’s a fresh cask of Cowcatcher on at the Regal and it’s drinking well. The Turks Head has cheese and onion rolls everyday of the week. I need more pubs like this. Installing the Pixel 6a security updates in The Pelican. Tech, beer and travel.

20221003 mb10 Day 04 Wrap

04/10/2022 Leave a comment

Up, Bath, go back to bed, things, go back to bed again. Who knows? Late start and there are Squirrels everywhere. Port Stout in The Regal, where the three planes have gone. It’s only King Kong left now. Lots of Politics going on. The first time I have seen 5G Tesco (O2) and it’s in the centre of Gloucester.  The Turks Head, cash only but a winner. No WiFi, great Land Lady. Faster WiFi and a great selection of Fine Ales, then it’s @thepelicanglos for you. Vodafone and Three to merge?

Squirrel Politics Monday

04/10/2022 Leave a comment

So either the cold is back or maybe it’s a hangover, I’m going with both. So, it was a late start and there were Squirrels everywhere. The Regal has lost its three planes, so it’s just King Kong left. Politics Monday and the 45% tax rate is to remain. The Regal really is good at keeping cask ale. The Turks Head, a great Land Lady and cask ales. Even faster WiFi in The Pelican and still a great selection of Fine Ales.

20220608 mb08 Day 03 Wrap

09/06/2022 Leave a comment

Lots of early morning things. The joys of remote Beanoing. Moving my iPad Pro SIM from Three to Smarty. Replacing my Chromebook which had gone End of Life.  The last full day. Bacon Rolls are back in Costa. Petrol pushing £2.00 a litre in some parts of the UK, is this Beano limiting. It certainly looks like it. All Cask Ale in The Regal whilst listening to MacBreak Weekly. The Pelican’s WiFi is down and it’s not even raining. Luckily Mike is on hand with the backup WiFi. Belgian Ales from Scotland and Stockport whilst outside Cloudbursts.  And there you go, it just went.

Skateboarding and Cloudbursts

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The last day of #mb08, in fact the last full day of the combined Beano. Blowy out but dry and Costa has Bacon Rolls back.  A wander over to the Skateboard Park, which it isn’t and Fine Ales in The Regal from 08:00. All £2.19 a Pint.  Internet issues in the Pelican but he Can Cooler is fully functional. Meanwhile, outside Cloudbursts.  

For Saturday 12 March 2022

12/03/2022 Leave a comment

The Saturday Wrap for 12 March 2022.  Spring, Packing, Project GetUmbrel, UpNote Linux, mb04, Stroud Brewery, Snowflake, MBP Power, Android Update, mb05, Year, Cask Untappd, Pelican Fest, Syncing and Compost. #Bedwas  #SaturdayWrap

20220310 mb05 Day 03 Wrap

11/03/2022 Leave a comment

Still blowy, The Skateboard Park, Onion Router installs, Ignoring the Fire Alarm in Spoons, Cask on Untappd, Ticking and Cheering smashed glasses, 09 June. #mb05

The First Full Day

11/03/2022 Leave a comment

It’s still rather blowy. To The Regal via the Skateboard Park (apparently). In training for the first full day of The Pelican Inn Winter Beer Festival (in March). Discovery that Untappd has cask and nobody moves when the Wetherspoons fire alarm goes off. Packed in the Pelican even before the Fest starts at 17:00  Next fest 09 June.

20220308 mb05 Day 01 Wrap

09/03/2022 Leave a comment

From 04 to 05 over the mountains, blowy Gloucester, good condition in The Regal, Winter Beer Festival prep in The Pelican Inn, Apple announces and a paper bag in my locker.

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