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Coconut Non Birthday

29/05/2023 Leave a comment

The start of the 3rd day and there is still a cold wind. Into The Beefeater for the Premier Inn All You Can Eat Breakfast. Videoed it because Reddit amongst other things. A Sunday morning Pint in both The Lord High and The Regal. Another Non Birthday, Birthday Ale in The Pelican. This time a Coconut Stout. Then one with Verdant and finally a non Wiper and True but from a Social Enterprise.

Non Birthday, Birthday Stout.

20230526 mb06 Day 01 Wrap

27/05/2023 Leave a comment

Got those free Sats by listening to Podcasts on the Fountain. A light departure meant the sun in my eyes, visor down. Rather fresh on arrival and a non Premier Inn fire alarm going off. Costa Bacon Roll and Coffee are great but now hugely expensive. This makes the Premier Inn All You Can Eat Breakfast even better value. Watching a Spoons Barmaid refusing to serve a gentleman at 09:00 as he was already drunk, she did a very good job. Lemon, Lime and Orange slices numb my palate. Sheep are welcome in The Turks Head but no Morris Dancing. Sometimes the best aren’t best and The Pelican was packed out. Sunny Beano.

Back with the Logitech

20221002 mb10 Day 03 Wrap

03/10/2022 Leave a comment

Sunday morning in Spoons, watching the world go by and catching up on things. All day brunch. A gentle end to OktoberfestGloucester 2022. A Winter Beer Festival in February? Premiere Elements 2023 woes. The cold is back.

The Last Day and Maybe February

03/10/2022 Leave a comment

It may be raining back home but it’s cool, calm and dry in Gloucester, well at least for now.  Watching the world go by in The Lord High Constable Of England. And the Sunday is much quieter and for me much better. A February Winter? Who knows?  Salt appears. 

20221001 mb10 Day 02 Wrap

02/10/2022 Leave a comment

Sometimes tech means you have more to do than without it. Costa prices go back to normal. Re upped DTNS on Twitch with Prime. Why don’t bars open the same time as places open? Still Coffee comes to the rescue. Running out of Festbiers. Saturday was packed out, there was a guy with a guitar. Still no salt and vinegar for the chips.

Blowy Studio Locker and Brasso

10/03/2022 Leave a comment

A solid hour of reality distortion. Paper bag in the locker. The Lord High Constable of England and a Full English. PMQs and a Quantock Gose. Cleaning the pumps with Brasso and filling the Untappd.

20220211 mb02 Day 03 Wrap

12/02/2022 Leave a comment

Vax passes, more Apple WebKit updates, New Warehouse 4 SSID, Brewing in progress, Manager’s special. #mb02

The Broken Lace Beano

10/02/2022 Leave a comment

That Feeling When you bought new laces the Saturday before and then they break just before your Beano starts.

for that matter. Will Pepsi please redesign their Cherry and Raspberry Pepsi Max bottles please. The only thing that looks like a Pepsi Max Bottle should be a Pepsi Max Bottle? Bagdy Conwy in England.

The Pelican where they subscribe to American Untappd Pubs and the Virgin Internet doesn’t like the rain. However it soon came back and the Fine Ales were very Fine. Good Days.

20220109 mb01 Day 01 Wrap

10/01/2022 Leave a comment

The day when everything was optimised apart from Tesco checkouts and Costa Coffee being open. 5G and then a Bacon Butty in The Lord High Constable of England. Gloucester Brewery Warehouse 4. Training in how to use the self service tap. A great manager and today, The Pelican and a lot about the Tennis.

No Rain and 5G

10/01/2022 Leave a comment

Optimised Booking, Optimised departure, 5G on arrival but despite what it said on the door Costa Coffee was closed. So straight to the Lord High Constable of England. Gloucester Brewery’s Warehouse 4 is Awesome. Hats off to the Manager.

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