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Bye Bye Westway

31/10/2005 Leave a comment
If only for the music.
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Mr & Mrs Zorro

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Too much dancing and a fat little kid.
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Central Bar – Cardiff

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Non smoking, toilet downstairs, needs more staff.
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A Year Of DAB

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Well, it was the 29th October 2004 when a Pure Evoke – 1XT changed the way I listened to radio, apart from leaving it on overnight.  It was joined in 2005 by not one but two Roberts RD 15s, for travel & work.  OK, so I know that FM sounds better, they no longer use "CD Quality", the bit rate has gone through the floor but I like it.  So far everywhere, where I have tried it, Poole, Southsea, London, York, Newcastle and Bedwas works fine.  And on a good day it even works downstairs as well.
If you accept it as radio (mostly mono) and not HiFi, then you will be fine.  The stations, well there’s The World Service (World Football – World Service) and of course Planet Rock.  And the big thing is, I no longer fear the night time on Five Live.
Works for me 🙂
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Drury Goes Homer

27/10/2005 Leave a comment
Larry tuts
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Larry The Sumnmer Onion

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Nothing to do with Larry The (ex) Melon!!
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The Gromitness

24/10/2005 Leave a comment
Well you do get an added penguin short, just like the old 2 films at the cinema for your money history. And as a short it’s rather good and then there’s the Nat Geog ad for a penguin film.

However the big thing is the sheer number of screaming, swearing little hoodies at the cinema. Go in the afternoon when they are in school, not this week of course. Or the middle of the night!!

As for the film, it pressed all the right buttons, it was funny but it was missing something. And that something was originality, sorry but it’s not new. Or maybe me just getting old. Where’s Team America when you need them 🙂

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The Next Big Thing

23/10/2005 Leave a comment
I know it’s a bit early but it’s only 9 weeks to Christmas (or so I was told).  So what’s going to be the big thing in 2006.  Well, in 2004 it was RSS and this year it was Podcasting.  So my thoughts for 2006 are that things will just expand, especially with the Apple Nano and it’s video support.  2006 will be the year of the Video Podcast, no great shock there 🙂
And the other big thing is that everything will talk to everything else wirelessly.  Either by Bluetooth or WiFi or more likely both.  WiFi cameras are already here with products from Nikon & Kodak. 
Mmm more convergence!!
More less money 🙂 

Oliver Twist

20/10/2005 Leave a comment
Unlike the musical, no singing. Unlike Pride, no dancing. Rather dark, well shot countryside scenes and perfect for the autumn. No Helen Hunt references.

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Wetherspoons Steak Tuesday

18/10/2005 Leave a comment
The Chief, Me & dead cow.
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