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Garden – February 2020

23/02/2020 Leave a comment

February 2020 is going down as the worst weather since the double Beast from The East in March 2018. First of all Storm Ciara blew my fence down and Storm Dennis and the ongoing bad weather is stopping it being put back up again. So the garden hasn’t been dug and with all this rain it wouldn’t be. The only real growth is Onions, Summer Onions outside and Spring Onions indoors. I have Potatoes chitting and with a bit of luck, they will go in their bags and pots late March 2020.

For Saturday 22 February 2020

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Storm Dennis and the Great Floods of 2020. Ponty, Bedwas and Bragdy Twt Lol. The First two months. More stoves #SaturdayWrap

20200215 #mb03 Day 03 Wrap

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The Final Wrap of #mb03 A gentle Saturday in Hereford. Mostly in the @hfdbeerhouse watching the rain and enjoying the Fine Ales ans banter

Storm Dennis and Beers

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Well, Hereford was wet and windy but I’ve seen much worse. More DVDs and some excellent Beer conversation in Hereford Beer House and mostly vitamin B in yeast. #mb03 #StormDenis

For Saturday 15 February 2020

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Storm Ciara, Storm Dennis and my fence. Plex and Synology fixes. A new PC and Tiny Rebel’s 8th Birthday in The Hereford Beer House #Mb03 #SaturdayWrap

20200214 #mb03 Day 02 Wrap

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A chilly start. A traditional pub where Beer Towels are still in play. A box set and an 11% sipper. Progress on the fence repair too. Pre Storm Dennis #mb03

DT: Friday Night Updates

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For Friday 14th February 2020

Premier League

Rank Team & Manager GW TOT
1 Vidre Dubrovnika! 37 1391
Chris Bailey
2 It’s Raining Mendy 16 1374
Gareth Yeo
3 Marching on Together 19 1367
Ian Page
4 Klump City 13 1360
colin liston
maximan 9 1322
5 Richard Culliford
6 AI Crypto United 25 1321
Roger Nash
7 Ponty Bloooobirds 19 1315
Tyrone Olding
8 Deano’s Hero’s 14 1296
Dean Parry
9 Numero Nuno 8 1261
Scott Whittingham
10 Saunders Valve 14 1227
Dale Parker
11 No Kane No Game 18 1219
Niamhy Coveney
12 SMILLER12 8 1210
13 More Picnics… 10 1175
Craig Price
14 JudyHeros 12 1121
Judith Miller
15 Occams Eleven 7 1113
Mark Begley


Pos Team GW Points Total Points
1 Ponty Bloooobirds 13 1474
Ty Olding
2 He Who Dares Wins 16 1344
Matt Hoskins
3 Show me da Mane 0 1314
Iwan Hoskins
4 JUDYS9 0 1312
Judith Miller
5 chmod 777 8 1307
Roger Nash
6 Dyfpool Town 8 1296
Dyfan Thomas
7 Cwtch me if you can 0 1277
Colin Davies
8 Normski 8 1272
Andrew Norman
9 KILLER12 0 1255
Steve Miller
10 phils 11 12 1252
Phillip Linton
11 Monkins Machine 8 1184
Christian Morris
12 Little Black Hen 5 1129
Andrew Norman
13 Egg Chasers 2 XI 5 1070
David Morgan
14 Renegade Raiders 0 1069
Colin Davies

11% Is A Sipper

15/02/2020 Leave a comment

Less rain and a traditional local with sandwiches. A Traditional Pub with Beer Towels. CDeX for a box set and when you drink an 11% Tiny Rebel Birthday Ale, you sip it. Another app from a ScreenCastsOnline tutorial. Still pre Storm Dennis.

20200213 #mb03 Day 01 Wrap

14/02/2020 Leave a comment

Nearly being run off the Motorway, lots of rain and a Hereford #CurryThursday. An 8th Birthday Party Tiny Rebel Tap Takeover in The Hereford Beer House. Sours and fruitiness standouts. Chilly #mb03

A Tiny Birthday Tap Takeover

14/02/2020 Leave a comment

Dry, nearly got run off the motorway, wet in Hereford. Costa, Spoons and #CurryThursday. A Tiny Rebel 8th Birthday Tap Takeover in The Hereford Beer House. An eclectic mix of limited edition Birthday Ales. The sun came out later and there was Political news. Pre Storm Dennis.

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