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20230605 mb07 Day 02 Wrap

06/06/2023 Leave a comment

Not only a very cold wind but a rather grey sky until mid morning. Full English in the Beefeater with lots of darker, better cooked sausages. Detail Duo and a query on Discord. Great brewed on site Fine Ales at the Brewhouse and Kitchen but the WiFI is poor. A Superior Sour in Warehouse 4 where there is fine WiFi and there will be a Gloucester Oktoberfest 2023.

And then there was WWDC23. No M3 but updates to the Mac Studio and Mac Pro. Actionable Widgets and better Airdrop. Lots of opportunities for more Belkin accessories. The Vision Pro, very expensive but I think it’s the start of something very big.

Would be better with Vision Pro

20230527 mb06 Day 02 Wrap

28/05/2023 Leave a comment

Strange weather, despite the sun the northerly breeze is very cool. Into the Beefeater (to be sold)? For a Premier Inn All You Can Eat Breakfast, where the Mushrooms were huge. Arriving at The Lord High Constable of England to find there was a Strongest Man Competition in the Square outside. On to the Regal and my Full English was posted to r/fryups. The Pelican where there were Cheese and Onion Rolls and Morris Men dancing in the beer garden. Just for the record, it’s not my birthday. The Bacon looked minging said Reddit.

Better lighting

20230430 mb05 Day 02 Wrap

01/05/2023 Leave a comment

After getting up I looked out of the window and it was Red Sky Shepherds warning. Half and hour later it was raining. At 07:00 for breakfast it had eased off but it was still day. It was a Brewer’s Fayre and they had the old style conveyor belt toast maker and it was spot on first time. New craft cans in The Posset Cup and they are both winners.

Gentle rain on the way to The Siren’s Calling. More YouTube comments, this one why did my Prelude appear in his recommendations. Mild and ESB to start, both on Cask. And to end a Cantillon Gueuze.

And we are done but it’s dry today

20230408 mb04 Day 02 Wrap

09/04/2023 Leave a comment

Day 02 starts with Apple updates all around and a runny right eye. Costa then a new Cask Ale from the Beer Fest in The Kings Fee. The Saturday Wrap with people looking over your shoulder, a little difficult. A return visit to Yates, the first time since February 2020. Boots don’t have an Infected Eye drops, there’s a supply problem. In The Beer House, St Mars of the Desert and Comic Strip Blogger wanting pictures of the Polish shop next door. And the eye is slowly getting better.

Easter Sunday moaning

20230107 mb01 Day 02 Wrap

08/01/2023 Leave a comment

The lots of Weather Saturday. Coffee was large, no actually huge. Local Cask Ale in The Kings Fee but no Wild Beer Co cans.  Spotted a Birthday Beer Pack in the @hfdbeerhouse for a friend and it is now being delivered. 10% off my bill for tagging, just like @bragdytwtlol All I need is another 2p on my nectar card for another AirTag.

Saturday’s recap

20221126 mb13 Day 02 Wrap

27/11/2022 Leave a comment

Sometimes you just can’t get a contact lens in. Other days both go straight in. Bought some second class stamps, 68p each. Yes, No. Used my Bean for a free Coffee in Costa. The tree now has lights. Have Spoons turned their heating off? Hazy Jane when the cask is meh! The Imperial, difficult to login to WiFi. Need to be back to the Hereford Beer House more often. Big Twitter Rauchbier hit.

Faster Contact Lenses

20221017 mb11 Day 02 Wrap

18/10/2022 Leave a comment

It used to a Full English was an essential part of a Mini Beano. Lately I have flip flopped over them. There’s nothing wrong with them but sometimes I just don’t fancy them. By the way, Premier Inn seem to have got rid of their conveyor belt toasters. Standard toasters are now in.  My Taxi Driver is saying £2.00 a litre for Diesel at Christmas. I fear he is correct.  Mornings in Spoons, Oldies getting together and discussing the World.  The Price Freeze on Fine Ales is reversed. Mayorships gained at both The Foley Hotel and Weavers Real Ale House. Taxi back.

20221001 mb10 Day 02 Wrap

02/10/2022 Leave a comment

Sometimes tech means you have more to do than without it. Costa prices go back to normal. Re upped DTNS on Twitch with Prime. Why don’t bars open the same time as places open? Still Coffee comes to the rescue. Running out of Festbiers. Saturday was packed out, there was a guy with a guitar. Still no salt and vinegar for the chips.

20220828 mb09 Day 02 Wrap

29/08/2022 Leave a comment

Maybe the slowest Ultimate WiFi ever. However Premier Inn all you can eat Breakfast with real Toasters. The Joy of the superior Wetherspoon’s Aircon and their WiFi for that matter. Are there ghosts in the flushing mechanism of the Wetherspoon’s toilet? Or just that the sensor is in the wrong place? Across the road in The Punch House and it’s Beavertown. The Robin Hood was a Pub come pile it high carvery and the Green Dragon was a classic Sky Sports on Sunday go to and it’s only guest ale was DoomBar. Monmouth, you were nice but not really a beer town.

20220607 mb08 Day 02 Wrap

08/06/2022 Leave a comment

So the WiFi worked with the MacBook Pro this morning. A few, WiFi issues with the Dell but it was soon up and working. Put June’s security patch on the Pixel 3a and listened to the political updates on Boris’s No Confidence win. Learned that Dark Sky and it’s API will be gone by the end of the and March 2023. A misty world out of the window. Priced the MBA M2, expensive for mySKU. Lack of Bacon Rolls and Staff in Costa Coffee, no free drinks today. Video recording, posting and Cask Ales in The Lord High Constable Of England.  Went to The Pelican, it is my Number One Pub. 

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