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20191201 #mb16 Day 03 Wrap

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Still chilly but still no frost. Sunday Brunch in Spoons. No Cask Ales in Hogarths but a surprise Festive Ale in Yates. Got recognised too. PM in the Hereford Beer House #Wrap

DT: Sunday Afternoon Updates

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For the afternoon of Sunday 01 December 2019

Premier League

Rank Team & Manager GW TOT
1 Vidre Dubrovnika! 40 780
Chris Bailey
2 Marching on Together 34 768
Ian Page
3 It’s Raining Mendy 58 739
Gareth Yeo
4 Klump City 48 715
colin liston
5 Ponty Bloooobirds 36 704
Tyrone Olding
6 Deano’s Hero’s 54 696
Dean Parry
7 maximan 59 691
Richard Culliford
8 SMILLER12 55 687
9 Saunders Valve 53 685
Dale Parker
10 AI Crypto United 54 678
Roger Nash
11 No Kane No Game 51 673
Niamhy Coveney
12 Occams Eleven 72 651
Mark Begley
13 Numero Nuno 32 649
Scott Whittingham
14 More Picnics… 32 622
Craig Price
15 JudyHeros 32 610
Judith Miller


Pos Team Total
1 Ponty Bloooobirds 831
Ty Olding
2 He Who Dares Wins 768
Matt Hoskins
3 phils 11 727
Phillip Linton
4 JUDYS9 720
Judith Miller
5 Cwtch me if you can 718
Colin Davies
6 KILLER12 712
Steve Miller
7 Show me da Mane 687
Iwan Hoskins
8 Normski 671
Andrew Norman
9 Monkins Machine 638
Christian Morris
10 Dyfpool Town 629
Dyfan Thomas
11 Egg Chasers 2 XI 613
David Morgan
12 Little Black Hen 608
Andrew Norman
13 chmod 777 602
Roger Nash
14 Renegade Raiders 508
Colin Davies

I drank Cask Ale in a Wine Bar

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Not quite as cold and still no frost. 27 All day Brunch, no cask ale then it wasa in a Wine bar. World Beers in The Hereford Beer House #mb16

20191130 #mb16 Day 02 Wrap

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Well, cold with a hint of mist but no frost. Strange DAB reception thought. Costa, Spoons then the Beer House. Gentle drinking whilst uploading the #SaturdayWrap #Wrap

The Last Day of November 2019

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Well it was cold, misty but not frosty. Festive Ales in Spoons. Excellent World Ales in The Hereford Beer House. It’s good to be back and they have WiFi now. Nearly Christmas #mb16

20191129 #mb16 Day 01 Wrap

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Almost an Exeter contact lens situation. Bedwas was cold but Hereford was misty and icy. Sign language conversation. Poundland Festive lights. Lots of great Pubs and Bars finishing in the Excellent Hereford Beer House #Wrap

The Penultimate Pre Festive Hereford Beano

30/11/2019 Leave a comment

The closer to Hereford, the colder the weather ending with a hint of mist and light icing of cars in the Travelodge car park. Poundland Festive lights. A conversation with a deaf gentleman, meat based. A quality transitional Pub and two excellent craft beer bars.

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