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20221126 mb13 Day 02 Wrap

27/11/2022 Leave a comment

Sometimes you just can’t get a contact lens in. Other days both go straight in. Bought some second class stamps, 68p each. Yes, No. Used my Bean for a free Coffee in Costa. The tree now has lights. Have Spoons turned their heating off? Hazy Jane when the cask is meh! The Imperial, difficult to login to WiFi. Need to be back to the Hereford Beer House more often. Big Twitter Rauchbier hit.

Faster Contact Lenses

DT: Saturday World Cup Updates

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For Saturday 26 November 2022

Work Cup Dream Team 26/11/22



2nd Class Stamps

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A rainy Saturday (again) but not as bad as back home. Aren’t 2nd class stamps expensive? When all else fails on the cask ale front it’s time for Hazy Jane. The Imperial, reduced cask but your basic sports bar plus food. Why did I leave it so long before returning to The Hereford Beer House. Jonny showed up as well. Rauchbiers.

Much Cloudwater

Post Noon At The Excellent Hereford Beer House

26/11/2022 Leave a comment

The best beer of the year so far. Been gone for too long. Awesome Ales, Awesome welcome and Awesome Beer Advice @hfdbeerhouse

My Best Beer Of The Year

Mid Morning At The Imperial, Hereford

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Mid Morning almost Brunch. The Doha is coming soon. So, it’s the HPA from Wye Valley Brewery. It’s really is a Pale, Pale Ale.

Nealy Doha

For Saturday 26 November 2022

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The Saturday Wrap for 26 November 2022. Bucket hats, Lazy Beanos, Plain Text Editor, 12 hour delivery, 365 mail transfer, mb12, Festive Ales, Comparing Full English, SAS Rogue Heroes, £158.9, Another AirTag, Tenner on the Lottery, More Radio, Backup Dilbert site, Thunder, Meross, Bedwas lights and Trees, Stagecoach App, AirTag Batteries, Bhajis shortage, mb13 and The Orange Tree. #SaturdayWrap #November2022 #Hereford

Live From Hereford

20221125 mb13 Day 01 Wrap

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It’s been since June and with a dry start but with spray. Not keen on dipped headlights. Hereford is Christmasy but there are no lights on the tree. Costa Coffee and Bacon. Almost no Luxury, Festive Mince Pies. Wales were awful and Senegal are now the boys. The Orange Tree is first class and their Cobs at £2.50 are huge. Didn’t quite make The Beer in Hand.

Warning flickering lights

DT: Friday World Cup Updates

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For Friday 25 November 2022

Dtream Team 25/11/22

England and Wales

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Starting without my wake up coffee is mainly a sign of my age. However, Pro Plus a half hour before I leave to keep me on my A game. Costa then the Kings Fee for the Wales match. West Midlands craft cans but sadly no Luxury, Festive Mince Pies. Wales were poor and Iran deserved to win. The Orange Tree is a must visit and the £2.50 cobs are excellent. I’m supporting Senegal now.

Mostly about the Wales result

Friday Lunchtime at The Orange Tree

25/11/2022 Leave a comment

A Black Country Ales Pub, ex The Firefly. 12 Handpumps and the £2.50 Cobs are the way forward. Solid password WiFi.

Awesome Ham Salad Cob
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