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The Golden Compass

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Knut plus, story light…


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With added weather…

DSCN6990   Hartlepool, 09:15
DSCN6989   The Approach
DSCN6994   Can’t remember the name but it was nice and the Christmas lunch cheaper than Wales.
Leaving_Hartlepool   Leaving.



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Bouncing to Newcastle

05/12/2007 Leave a comment


Go North for better weather & salads

Barage_small Sheltering from the rain
Breakfast_small Buttcombe
Bristol_Plant No shake
ABCD0007 More breakfast
Buttcombe_small Throbbing Robin – Newcastle – Union Rooms


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November 2007

03/12/2007 Leave a comment


The month of:-

9 thirds

4 Gb

Spring & Autumn wedding

24 hour bug

Old friends and privacy

No Christmas

Elizabeth – The Golden Years


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American Gangster

02/12/2007 Leave a comment


See it.  Excellent.



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