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Snakes On A Plane

28/08/2006 Leave a comment
Watch where you wee.  Music by Trevor Rabin.
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Julie’s Indian

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Yes, yes, yes and goodbye
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Miami Vice

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Grainy & dark.  Tiger users the lot of them.
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Spoons – Farringdon

15/08/2006 Leave a comment
The Sir John Someone, non smoking. Odd Wifi.
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Day One – Museums, Drought & Rain

15/08/2006 Leave a comment
Drought what drought?
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Small but clean

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Need my breakfast in a box.
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Big Triffid No Melons

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July 2006

01/08/2006 Leave a comment

The month of:-


England lose

Heat warning

Polish buses

Head butts

No lines again and again

Lots of crates

Sun power


My Toms


Soggy end

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