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In the Fog

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But with no wind

And Home

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Then Bedwas

Snow Way To Work

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And Pontypridd

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And the snowy video

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Cold hands

Cold feet

After Black Friday

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Well, it’s a bit obvious really.

IMG_3867   IMG_3872
Looking out of the front door   Up the road
IMG_3871   IMG_3880
Down the road   Best form of transport
IMG_3886   IMG_3885
The park   The bus stop
IMG_3888   IMG_3895
Maybe not   Welcome to Bedwas?
IMG_3893   IMG_3896
Rush hour    
IMG_3904   IMG_3905
Quality of light   Quality of cold

And there was still bread.

Get a Jiffy Bag

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Newcastle was cold

But it didn’t snow

Back to The Union Rooms

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A little snow, a Spoons with no name.

The Union Rooms had a festival on and no snow.

Castle Mile

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Another three

A bird, a fruit and an imposter?

Bristol EasyJet Newcastle

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IMG_3840   IMG_3848
Bristol Airport   EasyJet A319
IMG_3849   IMG_3851
With a little London Pride   Obligatory picture of the wing
IMG_3855   IMG_3859
Good attitude   Sleep place

Then cold


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Via the back roads of Newport

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Burger King and a double pint

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