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A New Pipe, 1909 and Spoons Goes Festive

16/11/2019 Leave a comment

A blocked pipe and a quote, Windows 10 1909, MBP 16” and Spoons goes all Festive #SaturdayWrap

Snow at the End

01/02/2019 Leave a comment

#mb03 Day 01



Snowy pre Beerex Dorchester

The Early Snow Haircut

18/03/2018 Leave a comment

Coffee, Snow and Haircut

Then a Spring Beer Fest

Snowy Chips

12/02/2017 Leave a comment

The Day after a Snow Moon

And that’s a thing

A Little Snow

19/01/2015 Leave a comment

A return?

Yes please. The snow will be gone.

Newark Air Museum – In The Snow

12/03/2013 Leave a comment

There are some wonderful aircraft here

And some wonderful people

Newark Air Museum–The Snow Birds

11/03/2013 2 comments

Cold and covered in snow

IMG_6951   IMG_6955
English Electric Canberra T.19 – WH904   Avro Shackleton MR.3/3 – WR977
IMG_6956   IMG_6957
IMG_6964   IMG_6967
Handley Page Hastings T.5 – TG517   Dassault Mystere IV – 83 and North American F-100 Super Sabre – 54-2223
IMG_6973   IMG_6976
RAF Phantom Cockpit   English Electric Lightning T.5 – XS417
IMG_6979   IMG_6982
SEPECAT Jaguar    
IMG_6996   IMG_6997
Bloodhound Radar   Thunderbird Missle
IMG_6999   IMG_7004
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23ML “Flogger –

024003607 “07”

  Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-27K “Flogger” –

61912507006 “71”

IMG_7044   IMG_7048
Blackburn Buccaneer S.1 – XN964   de Havilland Sea Vixen FAW.2 – XJ560
Gloster Meteor NF.14 –



But magnificent

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