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For Saturday 17 July 2021

17/07/2021 Leave a comment

The Saturday Wrap for 17 July 2021. Bubs, Little Tomatoes, Lawn repair, End of Evernote? Euros, Booking Service and MOT, 19th Wooble, Summer, Here in Wales, Win365 and Riverbank. #Bridgend #SaturdayWrap

For Saturday 10 July 2021

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The Saturday Wrap for 10 July2021.  Brew Monster Cardiff Bay, Peppers planted on, Bojo for the 19th, Lottery win, Wales is Vague, England win, No Bank Holiday and back to Cardiff. #Cardiff #SaturdayWrap

For Saturday 03 July 2021

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The Saturday Wrap for 03 July2021.  Wales out, NAS issues, rain, England beat Germany, second half of the year, The Bay. #CardiffBay #SaturdayWrap 

For Saturday 24 April 2021

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The Saturday Wrap for 24 April 2021. Planting Potatoes, Anti-Life, ESL, #SpringLoaded, Postal Vote, Light Thursday, FAM & Boiler Service.  #Bedwas #SaturdayWrap 

For Saturday 16 January 2021

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The Saturday Wrap for 16 January 2021. Fresh Hell. To Do apps. FA Cup, MacUpdater customer service joy, rebuilding Windows, lawn maintenance, Vague as a friend and Frying Pans are essential. From #Bedwas #SaturdayWrap

For Saturday 09 January 2021

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The Saturday Wrap for 09 January 2021.  Drunk at home and smelly, All locked down apart from the Football. Brexit and Software. CES already and virtual. Drakeford’s race. Aldi refurbishment. From #Bedwas #SaturdayWrap

For Saturday 27 June 2020

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The Saturday Wrap for 27 June 2020. Patching in Aberdare, WWDC, Textexpander support, Firefox woes (still), Hottest day of the year, Twt Lol, A chair and turning yellow. From #Bedwas #SaturdayWrap

The End Of Sport

15/03/2020 Leave a comment

There is only so much software you can reinstall before you need an emergency beano. Emergency being the term of the day as most Football and the Wales v Scotland game were cancelled. Lot’s of Kilts in Penarth. Good Beano though.

On The Train, In The Rain

19/10/2019 Leave a comment

I hoping that I won’t be upside down this week. A workaround but no real answer. More updates of everything. What happens when your mobile network goes down and #RWC2019 and The Spoons Autumn Beer Fest #SaturdayWrap

Dream Team Updates–06 November 2013

06/11/2013 Leave a comment

Updates from 05 November 2013

Pos Team Manager Points
1 Fergies11 Richard Evans 537
2 Mighty midgies Kyran Thomas 524
3 Not going to Asia Dai Malatynski 506
4 Margoals XI Sarah Dixon 505
5 VICtory Victoria Page 502
6 Fibre Powered Roger Nash 493
7 max’s millions Carl Price 488
7 Caitlins 11 Caitlin Lane-Jones 488
9 SaS Boys Sarah Pritchard 467
10 doigs lads jane doig 459
11 Marching on Together Ian page 451
12 The Glory Boys Mark Lonney 444
12 Neil’s Redbirds! Neil Lintern 444
14 UpTheCoed Chris Vardon 440
15 David and Dai Dave Barnes 438
16 Gabalfa Rangers Russell Calderwood 435
16 Echo XI Steve Lane 435
18 Water boys Daniel Roberts 432
19 seren ainsley Murphy 430
20 THE WINNERS frances Page 424
21 Lennox101207 Neil Page 412
22 Riyadh All Stars Colin Davies 404
23 little troopers Leslie Withers 393
24 Big Col’s Saudi XI Colin Davies 389
25 JP United Jennifer Price 386
26 Neath United Mike Simonson 381
27 Living liberty loca Joanne Jones 379
28 Pitbull is coming for Robin Gibbs 378
29 The Price is right Gareth Price 371
30 Gawsh 11 Paul jones 366
30 The Untouchables Mark Begley 366
32 Arise Sir Moyes Mark Jones 365
33 No3 is short enough Lee Hutchings 364
34 iTeam Gareth Harley-Yeo 355
34 Blackwood Bluebirds Alec Withers 355
36 elite eleven Michael Roberts 351
37 Lokomotiv Caerphilly Jon Lintern 337
38 Sauders Valve Dale Parker 326
39 brents boys brent parry 321
40 Swansea City Gold7 gemma jones 292
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