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For Saturday 09 January 2021

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The Saturday Wrap for 09 January 2021.  Drunk at home and smelly, All locked down apart from the Football. Brexit and Software. CES already and virtual. Drakeford’s race. Aldi refurbishment. From #Bedwas #SaturdayWrap

For Saturday 27 June 2020

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The Saturday Wrap for 27 June 2020. Patching in Aberdare, WWDC, Textexpander support, Firefox woes (still), Hottest day of the year, Twt Lol, A chair and turning yellow. From #Bedwas #SaturdayWrap

The Gueuze Museum – July 2015

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The Cantillon Brewery – Friday 03 July 2015

IMG_8671   IMG_8676
Where the magic takes place.    
IMG_8678   IMG_8679
The tasting area.   Quality merch.
IMG_8680   IMG_8682
Just walk this way.   Bottles.
IMG_8684   IMG_8687
The mash tun.   The boiler, one of two.
IMG_8689   IMG_8694
Where the wide yeast flies in.   And the fermentation happens.
IMG_8697   IMG_8699
Filtering.   And here the fruits are added.
IMG_8700   IMG_8705
Bottles.   Raw Lambic


The Cantillon Brewery
The Cantillon Brewery

The Gueuze Museum 2015

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Building Buildings

Building fine Lambics

Cantillon Brewery – A Quick Revisit

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A new floor


IMG_6218   IMG_6220
Local lad, probably drinks Cantillon.   Brewery, museum and van.
IMG_6223   IMG_6225
The bar and shop.   Where the wild yeast does its magic, nearly fully drained.
IMG_6226   IMG_6228
And it drained into here.   Ingredients.
IMG_6229   IMG_6231
Laying down a cellar.   The bottling line.
IMG_6230   IMG_6232
No reason, just looks good.   See left.


And filmed for Japanese TV

Clocks and Beer

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The Parliament building is gone

IMG_4265   IMG_4266
Definitely the Russian zone   The World Clock for Mrs Gilford
IMG_4268   IMG_4269
TV Tower   Church and fountains
IMG_4272   IMG_4274
Brewery by the Spree   Helles, Dunkel & Mifi
IMG_4275   IMG_4276
Looks good but not real.   The Bar – Georgbraeu Brauhaus

And so is the brewery Wifi

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