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Music This Month – July 2015

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Mystery Train (Live) – UFO
Sympathy For the Devil – Rolling Stones
Me and Bobby McGee – Janis Joplin
Ghost (feat. Ian Astbury) – Slash
The Avengers – The Laurie Johnson Orchestra
Betty – The Lascivious Biddies

July 2015

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The month of:-

Heat and Power Cut
Hudl update
No Raspberries and Seaside breeze
Sweat and TV Trains
No exchange and nearly brown
Trains, check ins and nearly bumped Aeroplanes
Broken plastic
The Hopbunker
Prime and strapping
Cider Fest
French Chicken
DT League
Garden 2015 – Chips and Summer Onions
Half a remote
Pepper planting
Soundtracking no more
100K Waze
Cider Weekend
DITH temp suspend
OnePlus Two
Couldn’t turn
And Moto two
Three 4G in Bedwas


Coming in August 2015

Cardiff Brewfest

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All Three V Bombers

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Cold War Museum – RAF Cosford

Vulcan, Victor and Valiant

Cooling Belgian Seaside Breeze

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Friday 03 July 2015. Ostend, Flanders, Belgium.

IMG_8706   IMG_8708
The Belgians love the Seaside too.   Their trains have locomotives.
IMG_8709   IMG_8724
Their stations have bikes.   And Trawlers.
IMG_2320   IMG_8718
And Cafe Botteltje.   With pumps.
IMG_2327 1   IMG_2321
And bottles and glasses.   Helleketelbier – Brouwerij de Bie – 7.0% ABV.
IMG_2322   IMG_2324 1
Framboise 1882 – Brouwerij Girardin – 5.0% ABV.   Lichtervelds Blond – Brouwerij De Dolle Brouwers – 9.0% ABV.
IMG_2331   IMG_8723
Oude Gueuze Tilquin a l’Ancienne – Gueuzeerie Tilquin – 6.4% ABV.   Cafe Manuscript.
IMG_2333 1   IMG_2334
Massive Manuscripting.   Oud Bruin – Vanderghinste – 5.5% ABV
IMG_2335 1   IMG_2332 1
Cuvee des Jacobins – B Bocknor – 5.5% ABV   Local cuisine.
IMG_2337   IMG_8667
And back (well morning shot).   The bus station under the Gare du Midi.


Map picture

Turkey Beef and Cider

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If you are going to a Cider Fest

You will need a Sunday Roast to soak it up.

Belgium Tricky Journey Home

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What you worry about doesn’t happen

Everything else does though

Garden – July 2015

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More weeding

Less eating needed

Cider Without The Cider

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Spoons Cider Fest is On

I only seemed to be drinking Real ales

The Museum and the Bar

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Blocked in Germany

Monetised elsewhere

Business Is Not So Good

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6 months without Service

But Superior Toilets

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