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Cooling Belgian Seaside Breeze

21/07/2015 Leave a comment

Friday 03 July 2015. Ostend, Flanders, Belgium.

IMG_8706   IMG_8708
The Belgians love the Seaside too.   Their trains have locomotives.
IMG_8709   IMG_8724
Their stations have bikes.   And Trawlers.
IMG_2320   IMG_8718
And Cafe Botteltje.   With pumps.
IMG_2327 1   IMG_2321
And bottles and glasses.   Helleketelbier – Brouwerij de Bie – 7.0% ABV.
IMG_2322   IMG_2324 1
Framboise 1882 – Brouwerij Girardin – 5.0% ABV.   Lichtervelds Blond – Brouwerij De Dolle Brouwers – 9.0% ABV.
IMG_2331   IMG_8723
Oude Gueuze Tilquin a l’Ancienne – Gueuzeerie Tilquin – 6.4% ABV.   Cafe Manuscript.
IMG_2333 1   IMG_2334
Massive Manuscripting.   Oud Bruin – Vanderghinste – 5.5% ABV
IMG_2335 1   IMG_2332 1
Cuvee des Jacobins – B Bocknor – 5.5% ABV   Local cuisine.
IMG_2337   IMG_8667
And back (well morning shot).   The bus station under the Gare du Midi.


Map picture

Seaside by Train

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Sand, sea and Fine Ales

Lots of Free Wifi Too!

Ostend – Art and Bier

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And just what are they?

But hey the bier is good

Cafe Botteltje

09/11/2012 2 comments

Part of Hotel Marion


IMG_6321   IMG_6322
The outside.   The inside.
IMG_6323   IMG_6327
Rodenbach – Rodenbach – 5.2% ABV. B++   Goudenband – Liefmans – 8% ABV. A-
IMG_6328   IMG_6330
XX Bitter – De Ranke – 6.2% ABV. B++   Bruin Bier – Cnudde – 4.9% ABV. B+
IMG_6331   IMG_6333
Goat’s cheese   Oude Lambick – De Cam – 4.8% ABV. A-
Pumpkin soup.    


Full of ales and gin

Ostend and Seagulls

30/10/2011 Leave a comment

One country

IMG_4894   IMG_4895
The French bit   And the other side, the Dutch bit
IMG_4896   IMG_4897
Not my train   Nor this one
IMG_4898   IMG_4899
Now this is my train   And my loco
IMG_4900   IMG_4902
The seagulls here speak four languages   Cafe Botteltje
IMG_4901   IMG_4905
Rodenbach   Boon – Mariage Parfait
IMG_4906   IMG_4908
Grimbergen – Dubbel   De Troch – Christmas Gueuze
IMG_4910   IMG_4903
Kwak – Pauwel   And goodbye


Two languages (mainly)

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